SoundSpace Systems are a Berlin-based loudspeaker manufacturer using high-efficiency drivers, close to 100dB/W/m, with first-order crossovers.

Michael Plessmann is the CEO and founder of SoundSpace Systems: “Music is a central element in my life. I get my energy from the music and I can’t think of a day where I don’t listen to music.”

At SoundSpace Systems they work using the Greek’s golden ratio and Feng Shui principles, which are applied into all aspects of their design. SoundSpace Systems loudspeakers are made by hand in Germany.

SoundSpace Systems Pirol

SoundSpace Systems is presenting its loudspeaker Pirol at the Audio Show Warsaw in Room 502 (Radisson Blu Sobieski). Pirol is a floor standing 3-way loudspeaker designed for “perfect harmony and integrity”. Its underlying technology creates sound pressure levels above 110 dB. The cabinet is a triple layer composite, centered around a bamboo core that builds up the woofer compartment and also the frame system for the upper frequencies. The inside is a ceramic shell.

The outer shell can be finished in Piano Black or other colours, or special leather finishes, or solid African teak. The entire cabinet rests on solid wood or solid bronze.

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