We don’t often review singles here at Hifi Pig but this one is for a good cause and so it’s going in the news section too to give it maximum exposure.

Spectral Mornings was the instrumental title track of Steve Hackett’s 1979 album, the second he recorded after leaving Genesis two years earlier. Now Rob Reed and Christina Booth from Welsh band Magenta have reworked the tune. Working with Hackett who played guitar on the track, the pair have assembled a team of prog-influenced musicians including Nick D’Virgilio and David Longdon of Big Big Train and Steven Wilson bassist Nick Beggs. Longdon has written lyrics for the tune.

Spectral Mornings was always a rousing instrumental and is now a stirring song with a message of hope and new beginnings. Opening with Hackett’s delicate, chiming, acoustic guitar and Reed’s flute introducing Longdon and Booth on vocals, the song soon switches to electric guitar, drums and bass, underpinned by percolating keyboards. Hackett’s guitar solo retains all the delicate power of the original.

All profits from the sales of Spectral Mornings go to The Parkinson’s Society UK.

Spectral Mornings is available from Cherry Red records or as a download from iTunes.

John Scott

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