Stone Speakers” is the project of two young Italian guys, Michele Gastaldello and Giacomo Munari who driven by an enormous passion for the Hifi world, have created some stone hand carved speakers with a very unique and original design.

During the past years they built various models which were made of “Trachite Euganea” : a volcanic stone taken from the hills where the young manufacturers live. This stone is used for some architectural works in the famous art city of Venice.

Taking names from asteroids, they have created these models:

  • 593 Titania – A massive reference system, sealed box with four way, a real sculpture of 250 kg. each speaker.
  • 487 Venetia – A two way speaker system with frontal bass reflex created for having the maximum result with only two speakers. It operates with Morel high quality woofers and tweeters!
  • 482 Petrina – An entry level with a single way speaker.

Giacomo and Michele are running a Kickstarter campaign to make their project into a full time business, check out Stone Speakers on Kickstarter abd sign up before January 11th 2018.






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