Guy from Pure Sound contacted Hifi Pig to let us know about the UK arrival of the STST Motus II turntable and Vertex Vertex 10tonearm.

STST are a German Hi-Fi manufacturer founded by Stefan Strohmetz in 1985 and they make two turntables called Motus and Motus II which both utilise an ‘in house’ designed direct drive motor. The Motus is a ‘fixed’ design whereas the Motus II has the motor & tonearm base mounted on a separate sub-chassis which is carried on a fully sprung suspension system.

Both models can be supplied in a variety of wood veneered plinths with a choice of matching or contrasting top plates. Each is supplied with a separate small power supply which feeds 18V to the turntable. On board electronics make 33.33 and 45 RPM available via a small switch located beneath the front edge of the plinth and the turntables come with a 10 year guarantee.

STST also manufactures a tonearm called Vertex which is available at 9, 10 or 12” length. The Motus turntable can be supplied in a larger plinth in order to accommodate 12” tonearms whereas the Motus II is generally supplied to take 9 and 10” tonearms.

Motus    £3599.95

Motus II   £4999.95

Vertex tonearm 9″, 10″ or 12″   £2799.95

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