For the past 18 months, Swan Song Audio say that they have worked to reduce the physical size of their products while increasing quality.

They are now showing their new products at RMAF 2019 HeadSpace. Qobuz will be available for streaming along with two AK100 MKIIs.

Swan Song Audio

Swan Song Audio Minis have been developed are in response to the public request for a battery “fits in your pocket” DAC for Headphones. The different variations are available for $600 – $900.

Symphony Modular System

The Symphony modular system allows the user to “build” their own system. It expands on the work of MAD No. 6 and becomes the architecture for future Black Swan products. It includes the Allegro DAC / Headphone Amp, Andante Tube Gain Stage and  Finale Class A Speaker Drivers. The Allegro is $2800 and Andante $2200 (pictured). They will also show production models of their new $1950 headphones.

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