Germany‘s T+A, announced the launch of five new products at CES in Las Vegas. 7377_ta_hv_a3000_front-kopie

P 3000 HV – UK SRP £9,500 – is an analogue pre–amplifier that features include HV (High Voltage) design, 7 x unbalanced / 4 x balanced inputs, identical ‘double-mono’ circuit construction, significant internal shielding with each section housed within its own compartment, complete discrete design with no op-amps, totally linear and interference-free power supply with totally separate analogue and digital supplies (each with their own power input!), high-end headphone amplifier.

A 3000 HV – UK SRP £11,900 (Pictured) – is a Stereo/Mono Amplifier with more than 500 Watts output power per channel and an enormous ability to deliver current. Features include HV (High Voltage) design, single-ended or balanced input, identical ‘double-mono’ circuit construction, 10mm thick internal shielding between power supply and amplification circuitry to prevent interaction, 1000 Watts torroidal transformer sealed in an aluminium enclosure, zero-feedback design, Class A large signal stage, fully symmetrical current amplifier stage (fitted with MOSFET drivers and the latest “thermal tracking” bi-polar output transistors).

PS 3000 HV – UK SRP £7,900 – An additional power supply unit for A 3000 HV to increase output power and current capability.

Criterion TCD 610 W SE subwoofer – UK SRP £3,770 – The updated version of the TCD 610 W, the SE features 2 x new 26cm (10″) drive units. Powered by a new 1000 Watt amplifier with digital processing, the TCD 610 W SE can be automatically calibrated to any room using the included microphone.

CARUSO Blu – UK SRP £2,990 – The CARUSO Blu is an all–in–one complete stereo system in a compact form.  Compatible with BluRay, CD, DVD, Internet radio, Network music servers, USB storage media, Bluetooth music transfer from mobile devices, DAB+ andVHF radio, the CARUSO Blu can be used as either a stand alone audio system using its internal speakers or, via its pre-amplifier outputs, connected to active speakers.

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