The T+A HV series is the German brand’s hifi reference-quality range. The new T+A P 3100 HV is based on its predecessor P 3000 HV, the two units differ visually only in their type designation. However, under the aluminium cover, many unique technical innovations are concealed.

Circuit Board Redesign

Most importantly, the entire preamplifier section has been improved by an entirely re-designed circuit board layout. The new digital power supply is stronger and better shielded and the already oversized toroidal transformer has been increased to 115 VA. In the previous model, the input and output stages were coupled to the relay volume control with high-quality capacitors. The very complex circuit board layout of the P 3100 HV eliminates the need for these coupling capacitors, refining the signal path between the input stage, volume control and output stage. In addition, the preamplifier board is absolutely voltage and temperature stable and all of the electronics are housed in a chassis and cover of uncompromising construction.

Fully Symmetrical Construction

Preamplifiers are one of the most important components of any High-End system. Source devices connected deliver low-level signals to the preamplifier’s input section, and the unit’s task is to switch and amplify these signals, regulate their volume, process them where necessary and deliver them to the output sockets, ready for the power amplifiers. All this has to be accomplished without altering or falsifying the signals’ content. Like all components of the HV series, the new P 3100 HV is of discrete, fully symmetrical construction, while every single construction element is the very finest available.

Price & Availability

The new P 3100 HV will be available from specialist audio retailers during May 2020 with the SRP of £12,690.00 / €13,500 / $19,500.

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