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Meridian Audio is launching its new developments in Digital Active Loudspeakers with the introduction of its new flagship loudspeaker, the Meridian DSP8000 XE.

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California based Heavenly Soundworks will be showing their new Heavenly Soundworks FIVE17 Loudspeaker System at T.H.E. Show next week.

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Devialet’s flagship compact speaker Phantom combines a series of proprietary technologies from the French brand, now, Devialet has released Phantom I, a new iteration of the speaker.

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Meridian Audio has launched its latest loudspeaker from the Architectural range, the DSP750 In-Wall Digital Active Loudspeaker.

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British audio company, Orbitsound, is launching of its innovative new high-end design, the Air D1. The Air D1 is a completely active, standalone single speaker, using Orbitsound’s proprietary Airsound™ technology, an approach that delivers to each listener a full stereo image, without the need for a second speaker.

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Morel’s Högtalare is a big wireless speaker, but even though its big doesn’t mean it takes up a lot of space. At 33 cm square, Högtalare, as well as functioning as a stand alone unit, also fits into your IKEA Kallax or Expedit shelf unit, reducing its footprint to a minimum.

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The new, and first active bookshelf speaker system from Totem, called KIN Play, is a master/slave set-up equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. Totem KIN Play is configured with the left ‘Master’ speaker containing the amplifiers and connections. The right speaker is passive and powered by the master via a speaker cable. More »

Bryston has announced the introduction of their Active Loudspeaker lineup, featuring three speaker models of different sizes (Model T Active, Middle T Active (pictured) and Mini T Active) a DSP-enabled active crossover (BAX-1) and Cubed Series Bryston amplifiers. More »

Upgrades are now available for all Manger Audio speaker models. They presented the upgrade for the first time at High End Munich  2017. More »

It seems that you can barely browse the internet these days without coming across another new Kickstarter audio product. Many of these get announced and then never see the light of day, so it’s nice to hear from one that has actually made it into production. More »

Linn are calling their new Klimax 350 ‘The ultimate intelligent loudspeaker’. They go on to explain further: “Taking a digital signal as their input, the Klimax 350 ensures zero transmission loss from the source. Then our Katalyst DAC Architecture retrieves the maximum amount of musical information from this digital signal”. More »