Erzetich Audio has announced the release of their second compilation, titled Gold II. The release brings together many of the finest talents in independent music to create a gold-plated, audiophile-grade CD.

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Erzetich, an audio company from Slovenia, has released Gold, a compilation of indie music released on an audiophile-grade gold-plated CD. The aim is to contribute to the recognition of outstanding independent musicians and to offer audiophiles a superb music and audio experience.

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dCS, the British digital audio component manufacturer, has announced the Vivaldi digital playback system. Vivaldi is a four box digital system which represents the “pinnacle of their ‘no compromise’ approach to product design” and which the company claims sets a new standard for the future of digital audio playback.

Comprising separate Digital to Digital Upsampler, CD/SACD Transport, DAC and Master Clock, the Vivaldi is a “radical redesign and major enhancement of the dCS architecture”. It can be used a four box system or as a combination using one or more of the individual components.

Vivaldi has been designed to play music from any source and can process all high-res musical formats up to DXD plus DSD.

Over the coming months the system will be premiered at the following events:

China – Elegant Music Garden, Guangzhou, August 17-18 2012

United States – Ears Nova, NYC, September 16-17 2012

United Kingdom – National Audio Show, September 22-23 2012

Japan – Tokyo International Audio Show, November 2-4 2012


Building on the past performance of its C 545BEE, NAD announces the release of the new C 546BEE CD Player. Supporting a wide range of program material including CD, CD-R, CD-RW, the C 546BEE will play encoded MP3 and WMA music in their natural, intended form.

In addition to supporting all of today’s latest optical formats, “NAD’s engineering and design team has overhauled all of the circuitry and component choices to improve low frequencies, for a level of musical precision and detail that can be heard”. Using a 24-bit high-resolution DAC and two separate power regulators for analogue and digital audio, NAD has limited electrical interference and produced low-level linearity for all digital music.

A number of user-friendly features and a full function remote control allows for navigation and programming of up to 20 tracks.

Suggested Retail Price: NAD C 546BEE – £499.00