Manfrotto Lumie is a range of new compact, inexpensive, high performance photography lights. They sit below the high-end Manfrotto Spectra range of LED light panels but, as with most Manfrotto kit, would happily suit the prosumer or enthusiast level of photog.

My first experience with a light panel came by way of a suggestion from a professional photographer friend when I asked about how to get better results from shooting at shows, especially A/V expos. He suggested an extremely budget panel that did the trick but is also quite large and cumbersome.

There are three sizes of the Lumie light available: the smallest is the Lumie Play, which I have here, that features three LEDs. The medium-sized Lumie Art has six, and the largest, the Lumie Muse, has eight. As you’d expect, the bigger the unit the more light power it’s capable of outputting.

Manfrotto have recently rebranded this line which is now called Lumimuse.

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