Pass Laboratories, Inc. introduces two integrated amplifiers, the INT-60 and INT-250, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015.XA.8_stacks

The INT-60 features the same power supply and output stages, along with the iconic glowing meter, as found on Pass Labs’ Point 8 amplifiers. The new model features Direct Access buttons for the four inputs on the faceplate, a digital level display, plus a Volume Control knob and Mute button. On the back are four line-level inputs, a line-level output, and two pairs of Furutech speaker binding posts.

The new INT-250 ups the wattage from the INT-150’s 150 watts to 250 watts per channel. Like the INT-60, the INT-250 features the same power supply and output stages, along with the iconic glowing meter as found on Pass Labs’ Point 8 amplifiers. It too features four line-level inputs, a line-level output, and two pairs of Furutech speaker binding posts. As with the INT-60, there are Direct Access buttons for the four inputs on the faceplate and a digital level display, in addition to a Volume Control knob and a Mute button.

Their dimensions are: INT-60: 19” W x 21” D x 7-1/2” H; INT-250: 19” W x 21” D x 9” H.

The INT-60 ($9,000) and INT-250 ($12,000) can be seen together with Pass Labs’ other products at the Venetian Tower, Suite 34-209, during CES.



Aurender got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell us that they will be in Venetian Suites 30-133 and 30-134 at this year’s CES. AurenderN100
Given the popularity of audiophiles and music lovers using NAS storage devices for storing their music files, Aurender have introduced the N100 Caching Network Music Server/Player. The company say it optimizes performance of NAS sourced music but also integrates with Tidal.

The N100 is said to provide great quality sound when connected to a USB DAC via its ultra low noise linear regulated USB power output and features SSD cached playback of the NAS contents which the company says eliminates noise and vibrations.

It has a full linear power supply, an iPad app and supports playback of DSD (DSF, DFF), WAV, FLAC, APE, AIFF, M4A and other major formats at native bit and sampling rates.


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At the company’s first CES under the Gibson Brands umbrella, WOOX innovations will be introducing a host of new Philips Audio CESproducts with a focus on a wider range of Fidelio AV sound solutions including the company’s first ‘high end’ soundstage.

There will also be a wider range of Fidelio headphones, new sports headphones and new Bluetooth speakers  – including and the waterproof ShoqBox mini – plus the unique NX5 Pro party tower speaker complete with led party lights. 

Soundstages have been one of the largest growth areas in the past 12 months and two new Philips models are being unveiled at CES 2015 as 3.1 products complete with subwoofers.

The Fidelio XS1, is an ultra slim, glass topped soundstage – the first soundstage in the Philips Fidelio range. As a finely tuned 3.1 channel system, with front and side firing drivers coupled with a super slim wireless subwoofer. The glass top can hold a TV up to 65” in size while aptX Bluetooth connectivity ensures you can get the best out of music stored on portable devices too.

Also new at CES is the Philips HTL5130 a 3.1 channel soundstage featuring WaveFlector technology, which employs a new sound reflection architecture to deliver the widest-ever sound experience from any Philips soundstage to-date. In addition to the WaveFlector technology, the HTL5130 also has a dedicated center channel speaker for voice, an inbuilt subwoofer plus Bluetooth connectivity. CES marks the official introduction of the successor to the Fidelio HTL9100 with the Fidelio B5 now on sale and was also announced as winner of a CES 2015 Innovations Award.

Philips is also launching the ultra-sleek, yet powerful HTL7140 sound bar with wireless subwoofer. The HTL7140 is slim yet boasts 5.1 channel audio and thanks to Philips proprietary Ambisound technology it “creates a sound stage that is far beyond its own length”.  

The the Philips Zenit cinema speaker systems are also launching at CES 2015. The Zenit system has technologies such as Bluetooth and HDMI 4K/2K pass through. Available in two versions, the Philips CSS5330 includes a center speaker, two additional satellite speakers and a wireless subwoofer while the Philips CSS5530 steps up to a 5.1 system with the addition of two wireless rear speakers. Both systems are available in stone grey and wood, or black and aluminum finishes.  

Previewed at IFA, CES 2015 sees the official launch of the Fidelio M2L, the first Philips headphone to have a direct digital connection to your iOS device via a Lightning TM connector. The M2L incorporates high-quality 24-bit Digital to Analog Conversion (DAC) and amplification in the headphones themselves.

Also launching at CES 2015 are the latest additions to the Philips ActionFit Sport headphone range.

To discover all of the WOOX Innovations products, visit the Gibson Brands tent at CES 2015.


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Cambridge Audio has announced the introduction of a new flagship network music player – the Azur 851N – expanding the range CES_2015_Cam_815Nof hi-fi separates in the Azur 851 Series to six products.

Capable of playing all popular formats up to 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality files, the 851N then intelligently upsamples all incoming audio to 24-bit/384kHz.

Connected either wired or wirelessly via UPnP over a home network, the 851N will find and stream music stored on computers, laptops and NAS drives. Additionally three USB inputs allow direct playback from USB HDDs and memory sticks. There are two TOSLINK optical inputs, two S/PDIF coaxials, an AES/EBU input and asynchronous USB audio.

Asynchronous USB audio allows playback of up to 24-bit/192kHz audio files direct from a connected computer or laptop, with the 851N effectively acting as a high-quality external sound card.

The 851N also features Apple Airplay and support for an optional BT100 aptX Bluetooth .

RCA and balanced XLR analogue outputs, as well as a digital AES/EBU, TOSLINK and coaxial outputs, allow connection to a wide range of hi-fi components, and the RS232 port enables integration into custom installations.

Capable of handling all popular codecs including WMA, MP3, AAC HE AAC, AAC+ and Ogg Vorbis and lossless 24-bit/192kHz FLAC, ALAC, WAV and AIFF files, the 851N can play virtually any file from your digital music library. There is also in-built support for leading streaming services.

The 851N runs twin Analog Devices AD1955 DACs in ‘dual differential’ mode where left and right stereo channels are processed separately for “maximum fidelity, accuracy and stereo separation”. The internal digital preamp is driven by a custom coded 32-bit Blackfin DSP which keeps the audio signal in the digital domain for as long as possible and enables it to be used as a pre amp. The 851N does not use bit reduction for volume control and volume is instead controlled by the Blackfin DSP.

There’s a 4.3” TFT colour display onboard or users can use the completely redesigned Cambridge Connect Apps for both Apple and Android devices.

The all new Azur 851N flagship network music player will debut at CES in Las Vegas, at the Venetian hotel, floor 30 – suite 216.

RRP £1,200 / $1,800. The Azur 851N will go on-sale from the end of Q1 of 2015.


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Cambridge Audio’s totally new CX series is set to “revolutionise entertainment in the digital age”. The CX series is a range of hi-fi cambridge_CX_CES_2015_1
and home theatre components offering a unique combination of “class-leading sound”, advanced networking capabilities, large colour displays and “exceptional build quality and design”.

The CX series comprises six new products: CXN network music player, the CXA60 and CXA80 integrated amplifiers, the CXC dedicated CD transport and the CXR120 and CXR200 AV receivers.

CXN Upsampling Network Music Player

Thanks to core technology from StreamMagic, the CXN can play virtually any music from your digital library or online streaming services up to 24 bit/192kHz and all controlled via the simple interface on the 4.3” (11cm) colour screen or via new Cambridge Connect smartphone and tablet apps for Apple and Android.

Connected either wired or wirelessly via UPnP over a home network, the CXN will stream music from computers, laptops and NAS drives. Additionally two USB inputs allow direct playback from USB HDDs including memory sticks. The CXN also offers TOSLINK optical, S/PDIF coaxial and asynchronous USB audio inputs. Asynchronous USB audio allows playback of 24-bit/192kHz files direct from a connected computer or laptop, with the CXN effectively acting as an external sound card.

The CXN also features Apple Airplay and support for an optional BT100 aptX Bluetooth receiver for streaming from any smartphone or tablet.

RCA and balanced XLR analogue outputs, as well as optical and coaxial digital outputs, allow connection to a wide range of modern hi-fi components such as the CXA60 or CXA80 amplifiers.

Capable of handling all popular codecs including WMA, MP3, AAC HE AAC, AAC+ and Ogg Vorbis and lossless 24-bit/192kHz FLAC, ALAC, WAV and AIFF files, the CXN can play any file from your digital music library. There is also in-built support for streaming services Spotify Connect, Pandora, Rhapsody, BBC iPlayer Radio and Internet Radio.!

No matter the source, the CXN’s ATF2 (2nd generation Adaptive Time Filtering) audio upsampling system intelligently upsamples all audio inputs to 24-bit/384kHz to reduce digital jitter. Two Wolfson WM8740 DACs ensure the very best digital to analogue conversion.

Not just a digital music streamer, but a digital pre-amp too, the CXN doubles up as a digital pre-amplifier using a 32-bit Blackfin DSP to control volume in the digital domain. 

CXA80 Integrated Amplifier

The CXA80 features an oversized low-flux toroidal transformer with completely independent dual mono windings, fully symmetrical dual mono Class A/B amplification circuits delivering 80W RMS into 8 Ohms (rising to 120W RMS into 4 Ohms).

With TOSLINK optical and coaxial digital inputs, and the option to add aptX Bluetooth streaming, the CXA80 is designed for the modern digital age. An asynchronous USB audio input allows streaming of 24-bit/192kHz studio master quality files directly from your PC or MAC.

Finally, Wolfson WM8740 DAC, as used in Cambridge Audio’s DacMagic, handle digital-to-analogue conversion with stunning accuracy. 

CXA60 Integrated Amplifier

The CXA60 delivers much as the CXA80, with the same fully symmetrical Class A/B amplifier topology combined with a single winding low-flux toroidal transformer, delivering 60W RMS into 8 Ohms – 90W RMS into 4 Ohms.

Apart from the USB audio input and balanced XLR input, all digital connections and digital to analogue conversion are identical to the CXA80.

CXC CD Transport

Designed specifically for the new CX series, CXC delivers CD playback.

At the heart of the CXC is Cambridge Audio’s ‘S3’ servo which “dynamically adjusts focusing, tracking and output level of the laser in real-time”. With no digital to analogue conversion in the CXC, the CXC passes a purely digital signal to an amplifier or dedicated DAC. 

CXR AV Receivers

The CXR120 and CXR200 have been created for audiophiles seeking a home cinema experience. Using a “sound first” class A/B amplifier design carefully crafted by Cambridge engineers, coupled with an oversize toroidal transformer, each CXR model delivers “sensational 7.2 surround sound and a captivating, highly detailed stereo musical performance”.

On board is HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, 4K and 3D compatibility, upscaling of all 1080p signals to 4K ultra high definition and deep colour.

In addition to HDMI, digital and analogue inputs for music and movies, both CXR models also feature the same Cambridge Audio StreamMagic music streaming module found at the heart of the CXN network music player.

There is also support for DSD, allowing playback of SACDs from a Blu-ray player and an MHL Link for direct HD input from smartphones. Asynchronous USB audio input and optional aptX Bluetooth connectivity further add to the digital capabilities.

The all new Cambridge CX Series will debut at CES in Las Vegas at the Venetian hotel, suite 30 -216.


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Audio Capsule, the Hi-Res Audiophile grade player and Home Multi-room server made by Voxtok, is officially launched during theVOSTOK_CES_2015 CES 2015 in Las Vegas. This product has been named with a CES Innovation Award Honoree in the High Performance Home Audio/Video category. They will be in Eureka Park Booth 75605.

This piece of technology incorporates Voxtok Music, a unified and consistent bouquet of music services. Voxtok Music provides a catalogue of almost 30 Million tracks, from compressed to lossless formats. This catalogue is available for several countries for both, streaming and files downloading.

Voxtok also adds intelligent Music services such as recommendation (based on advanced metadata bases, algorithms and human experts), automatic upgrading files quality, automatic complete albums and Cloud features for an Audio Capsule on-the-go seamless experience.

Voxtok also announces that Jacques Krischer is joining the board of directors as Chief Musical Officer. Jacques has been involved in the music content industry since 30 years and he’s a well-known ww expert. He joins the board of directors to bring his experience, valuable assets and passion in order to build the best high quality music discovery platform, with ubiquitous access. Moreover, the company invited Eric Lipmann to join the team and add his experience and expertise in the recommendation space, mainly for Classical music. Eric has a long track record in this industry and he’s adding human sense to the algorithms and technologies the company has been developing and acquiring. Voxtok is showcasing during the CES its first recommendation app, focused first on classical music.

Vostok will also be announcing their Audio Capsule at CES 2015. With Audio Capsule, Voxtok “reinvents” the Music Experience by changing the way we access and discover music, providing an end-to-end Home Audio System.

Audio Capsule is a modern Hi-Res, Multi-room and connected Jukebox, controlled by a tablet or a TV. It incorporates an audiophile player, a multi-room music server, a storage unit and a CD ripping function, controlled by a very simple tablet & TV app.

It integrates a set of advanced services (Hi-Res music catalogs, Advanced music recommendation, Audio Capsule backup and streaming) based on powerful Cloud technologies and extensive metadatabases.


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Naim has revealed its new Super Lumina range of interconnects and speaker cables, developed in parallel with Statement, its super-lumina-1flagship amplification system.

The brief was simple say Naim, “Design a range of cables that would complement and allow the maximum performance of Statement as well as Naim 500 Series and Classic products. Starting with a blank page, Naim’s engineers specified each element of the cables based on the results of thousands of hours spent in the listening room testing prototypes”.

Super Lumina pre to power interconnects ship as standard with all Statement systems. The rest of the range is scheduled to enter production in February 2015 and will be available from all Naim specialist retailers.

The Super Lumina interconnects feature an advanced version of Naim’s patented Air-PLUG technology first introduced for the Hi-Line. All DIN and XLR connectors have the Air-PLUG connector, which is designed as a decoupling device to minimise microphonic interference and preserve the integrity of the audio signal.

The new Super Lumina Air-PLUG features multiple individual aluminium rings, which form the rear of the connector. These are screwed together to form an articulating section that they say inhibits the passage of unwanted energy. The connector pins on DIN terminated cables also float within their sockets, extending the decoupling effect right to the point where the signal enters the product. 

Super Lumina cables are designed to minimise the effect of external and internal interference sources and preserve maximum signal fidelity. The fundamental cable design consists of several individually-insulated multi-strand silver-plated copper conductors of varying diameters enclosed in a tin-plated copper shield. This is all enclosed in a soft outer jacket to facilitate easy installation whilst minimising microphonic interference.

Each signal, return, ground and shield conductor is individually manufactured for its specific function. The ground conductor references the audio band waveform, mirroring the internal design of Naim electronics.

To optimise performance and ensure consistency the directionality of the cables is controlled at every point of manufacture. Each diameter wire is matched after extrusion so that every conductor within the cable has the same directionality. 

Silver is used to plate all conductors, connector pins (excluding the RCAs) as well as the spade and 4mm speaker terminations. “Silver has the highest conductivity rating of any metal and also matches the plating on terminals of our flagship amplification system, Statement” say Naim.

Copper is used as the main conductor material in all Super Lumina cables. “Like silver, copper also has an exceptional conductivity rating. All DIN connector pins use silver-plated tellurium copper, an alloy of copper which is greater than 90% as conductive as the pure metal but which can be practically used in connector manufacture. This is far higher than commonly used alternatives such as brass or phosphor bronze”.

Aluminium. Air-PLUG connectors on XLR and DIN interconnects feature individually machined and anodised aluminium rings. Aluminium is a non-magnetic metal that provides a highly durable connection and is consistent with materials used on the chassis of Naim products.

Gold. Super Lumina interconnects come with an option of RCA terminations for fitting to non-Naim equipment.

FEP is a quality insulating material with low dielectric absorption. It used as the internal material, which insulates and separates each conductor.

Tin. All conductor shielding is woven from non-magnetic tin-plated pure copper. 

Each Super Lumina cable is hand-assembled at Naim in Salisbury to the customer’s specification of length and termination. 

Every cable also goes through a proprietary de-stressing process to relieve the materials of the inherent stresses which are a result of the manufacturing process. This means the cables reach optimum performance with minimal run in time.

Source to preamplifier interconnect

Available with DIN, RCA and XLR connectors and priced from £1750 for the standard DIN to DIN up to £3000 for XLR to XLR stereo.

Power amplifier to preamplifier interconnect

Available with DIN or XLR connectors and priced at £3000 per stereo pair or £1500 for a single cable for use with the NAP 300 power amplifier.

Speaker cable

Available with 4mm and spade connectors at £1,800 per 3m pair, £3,000 per 5m pair, £4,200 per 7m pair and £5,400 per 9m pair.

Burson Audio, manufacturer of USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier/Preamplifiers, Headphone Amplifiers and stereo amplifiers, CESintroduces the new Conductor Virtuoso at this year’s CES in Venetian suite 31-322. The new Virtuoso supersedes all previous Conductor models.

The Conductor Virtuoso
The Conductor Virtuoso is a “highly-engineered yet modestly-priced component” with up to 4 watts of power to drive any headphone. Users can use the Conductor Virtuoso’s preamp functions to make it the center of a headphone and speaker-based desktop system, or a larger speaker system.

Burson say it has significantly upgraded and refined previous generations of the Conductor. Besides big power, the new Conductor Virtuoso includes a new 100-step volume control with an easy-to-read display. When the Virtuoso is turned on the volume indicators appear on the face of the thick, antiresonant aluminum front plate.

Consumers can choose from two interchangeable DAC boards with different sonic characteristics, and the modular design makes for no-fuss upgrades. Another important consideration is Burson doesn’t use densely-packed op-amps but instead all discrete circuitry. The remote control is carved from solid aluminum with no visible screws.

The Conductor Virtuoso is shipping now with the ESS9018 Sabre DAC at $1,995USD / €1,850 Euros. The Burr Brown PCM1793 version is priced at $1,495USD / €1,451 Euros.

The suite at the Venetian wille is divided into two sections, one dedicated to headphone listening, the other for two-channel audio. The headphone room features two Conductor Virtuosos with the Sabre 9018 DAC and one Conductor Virtuoso with the Burr Brown PCM 1793 DAC. Plus a Soloist and a Soloist SL. The two-channel room features a Burr Brown PCM 1793 DAC and Burson’s new Timekeeper Virtuoso amplifier driving a pair of SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers. Burson is demonstrating their products on pairs of Audeze LCD-3, LCD-XC, and Audeze’s new EL-8. Audeze are also demoing with a pair of Conductor Virtuosos at South Hall 1, Booth 22018. You can also audition the Timekeeper Virtuoso amplifier at M&K Sound, Venetian Suite 30-330.


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Chord Electronics has chosen International CES 2015 for the world debut of both the new 2Qute, a compact DAC (£995) and the Hugo TT, a new ‘desktop’ Hugo with improved connectivity and performance, plus remote control, an alphanumeric LED display and a USB-B digital input (£2,995)


The new 2Qute takes the technology from Hugo and adds it to the Qute EX. The result is a DAC for 2015 with “class-leading Chord_CES_QUTEspecification, outstanding technical measurements and proven sonic performance”.

2Qute advances the award-winning Qute EX DAC into 2015 with the latest Hugo specification. Essentially a Hugo in a Chordette chassis, it brings the latest FPGA DAC technology into an affordable home-system-orientated unit. 2Qute contains the same Spartan 6 FPGA that features in the Hugo. The 2Qute also boasts low distortion levels of 0.0003%.

The 2Qute offers support for up to 32-bit/384kHz audio via coax and USB, and 24- bit/192kHz over optical. DSD64 is supported on all inputs and DSD128 is supported via coax or USB (all via DoP). The new DAC also gains a handy switch to easily move between coax, optical and USB digital inputs.

The device features a Class 2 USB input which, because of the 2Qute’s home-system orientation compared to Hugo’s more mobile aspirations, has been galvanically isolated. This has been achieved using a novel technique which allows for very high data rates of up to 384kHz; the input is driverless on Apple and Android devices, with (ASIO included) drivers for Windows devices.

“The progression of the Qute, a 10,000 digital-tap-length series of award-winning DACs started with the original product just four years ago, with the original 192kHz-capable Qute. It was followed a year later with the HD suffix when we gave the Qute full 384kHz capability, and the EX suffix followed when DSD capability and double-DSD (64 and 128) was added.

“All of these units famously used the same discrete pulse-array DAC board and it’s well known that Chord Electronics chose not to use industry-standard off-the-shelf chips sets. The development of these ground-breaking DAC designs gave Rob Watts, our design consultant, the proving ground for a totally new and holistic type of DAC design which was to become the mobile and desktop DAC, Hugo.

“Hugo has since become the benchmark by which all other DACs are judged and has just shy of 40 recommendations in the press; Hugo’s sonic credentials are undeniable. However, this gave Chord a problem: some customers were less keen on a mobile-orientated product in their home systems and felt Hugo had too many superfluous features for home use. They loved the idea of a simpler and ostensibly lower-cost DAC, but wanted the award-winning sound quality that only Hugo, with its digital tap-length of 26,000, can achieve.

“Rob Watts completely redesigned the Qute’s circuit board in order for it to contain Hugo performance levels without the mobile features, such as the volume control and batteries. Because the redesign was so extensive, we felt the Qute had to have a MkII designation, but 2Qute sounded undeniably better, so the name stuck!”

Hugo TT

The original Hugo, which has become one of Chord Electronics most successful products, was launched at CES exactly one year HugoTT_CES20158CHORDago, aimed at both home and mobile users. Hugo TT, however, is firmly pointed at home users and adds some exciting new functionality.

Hugo TT gains a new larger chassis, remote control, an alphanumeric LED display with input/sample rate data, and improved sonic performance thanks to supercapacitors.

The Hugo TT is ready for studio-master-quality (DXD) music files and supports up to 32-bit/384kHz audio via coax and USB, and 24-bit/192kHz over optical, plus DSD64 on all inputs and DSD128 via coax or USB (all via DoP).

In a key upgrade over the original Hugo, the Hugo TT benefits from a high-quality asynchronous B-type USB connection for both the SD and HD USB input. There are two further digital inputs: a (new) BNC coaxial and optical (TOSLink).

The Hugo TT also has A2DP Bluetooth capability and uses a custom-made module with the aptX codec to feed a digital signal directly into the DAC circuitry.

The Hugo TT retains the same Spartan 6 FPGA that enabled Hugo and has the same specification and measured performance as its mobile sibling.

Being a home-orientated device, the Hugo TT has been designed to run continuously from the supplied charger, however Chord’s engineers have also improved the battery and added Supercap energy storage, a technology seen in F1 where supercacitors back-up the car’s batteries by sharing the load and charge demands, thereby protecting them. They serve a similar purpose in the Hugo TT, extending the battery life as well as “improving dynamics and demanding transients in recorded music”.

Chord Electronics’ founder and owner John Franks on the new Hugo TT

“The idea for the Hugo TT came when we realised that Hugo’s performance was such that many customers were using the device as a reference desktop unit, when really it was primarily designed for mobile use. So, Hugo was not optimised for use in home systems: a minority of audiophile cables with the very largest RCA and USB terminations sometimes proved difficult to accommodate and the shorter range of the original mobile Hugo’s Bluetooth pairing distance could sometimes cause problems in larger homes.

“We noted all the suggestions from desktop users and we definitely took notice when people indicated they loved the sound of Hugo and would buy one in an instant if it had additional XLR outputs, greater input visibility and a remote control! So, we set about making a people’s Hugo to address as many of these wishes as possible. We also doubled the battery storage and added 10,000,000 microfarads of supercapacitor back-up across the batteries. None of these features would have been possible within Hugo’s existing dimensions, but in the larger Hugo TT, they are all comfortably inside.”


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Audeze has announced two new products today at CES, the EL-8 Planar Magnetic Headphone in open-back and closed-back Audeze_CES_2015versions plus the Deckard Headphone Amp/DAC .

The EL-8
With industrial design by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the EL-8 headphones, both open and closed-back models, is “exclusive, elegant, ergonomic, flexible and portable without compromising sound quality”.

The EL-8 features Fluxor™ magnetic technology and a Uniforce™ diaphragm material that was originally developed by NASA for lightweight electronics to withstand the rigors of space. Audeze reengineered this super strong material to work as a planar magnetic driver.

MSRP: $699.

Audeze Deckard DAC/Headphone Amplifier
The slim-chassis Deckard, also designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA, is a small, elegant package. The class-A circuitry in the Deckard drives Audeze or any other headphones and the internal DAC handles 16- to 32-bits and sampling rates from 44.1kHz to 384kHz. There are front-panel switches for three gain settings and input (USB and Analog) as well as a volume control. The headphone output is standard quarter-inch, and the Deckard also functions as a line level.

MSRP: $699.

Meridian in Venetian 30-335 is featuring the Audeze EL-8 and LCD Collection headphones for personal audio demos of their MQA technology. “Rather than capturing the highest sampling rates, MQA brings together the three ideals of studio-quality sound, convenience and end-to-end authenticity. It uses a completely new concept of capturing the total essence of an original recording and conveying it all the way to the listener, ensuring that what is heard is identical to the final recording.”

You can also audition MQA on EL-8s and other selected headphones from the LCD Collection in the South Hall 1, booth 22018 – Audeze will be the only exhibitor in the South Hall where you can experience Meridian’s new MQA Technology – at Pono Music at the Sands booth 75410, and in the following rooms at the Venetian. An asterisk indicates an EL-8 in the room.

Ayre Aoustics34-310Auralic29-323
Pass Labs34-209Questyle29-321
Burson Audio31-322*SOTM29-227
SimAudio30-139Prism Sound29-219
Peachtree Audio30-126

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New from Cabasse is the StreamAMP, a compact four-channel amplifier with all the music streaming capabilities and ‘connect and Stream AMP 100 3-4 top viewplay’ approach of the Cabasse Stream products. StreamAMP brings “style and performance to the home” with the ability to connect to all the user’s digitally stored music, access thousands of internet radio stations and stream Spotify and Deezer.

Simplicity of connection and flexibility are the cornerstones of the StreamAMP approach to music distribution. Centrally stored digital music files from downloads and CD rips can be streamed via the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections, all controlled by the new Cabasse StreamCONTROL app for iOS and Android. Locally stored music from the tablet or smartphone can be instantly made available via Bluetooth and NFC and aStream AMP rear high definition connection can be quickly made using the Stream AMP’s Wi-Fi direct mode. The app also provides access to thousands of internet radio stations and control of both Deezer and Spotify which are built in to the system.

StreamAMP is fitted with four loudspeaker outputs, enabling stereo use with one or two pairs of loudspeakers, or mono distribution with two or four groups of speakers. To meet the requirements of custom-installers for an unobtrusive installation it is fitted with a silent fan for use in racks. The power optimisation impedance switch enables StreamAMP to serve as an all in-one-solution supplying music or radio programmes to up to 8 Cabasse Archipel in-ceiling speakers.

The preamplifier section of StreamAMP also includes two analogue RCA inputs, an optical SPDIF input, a preamplifier output and a subwoofer RCA output.

Cabasse has also incorporated its digital signal processing (DSP) in the StreamAMP, to provide integration with the current range of Cabasse speakers, wherever they are positioned in the room. Using the app simply select which speakers are used and choose between a direct setting and various positional options: such as one metre or more from walls, against the back wall and one metre or more from side walls, or placed in the corners.

The StreamAMP is the perfect companion to the existing Stream range, sharing the features and benefits of the Stream 1, Stream 3 and Stream Source:

  • WAV, FLAC, WMA, AIFF, AAC, ALAC, MP3 files up to 96 kHz/24 bit resolution
  • Bluetooth with NFC, Wi-Fi and LAN Ethernet connections
  • StreamCONTROL app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets which includes vTuner, Deezer and Spotify
  • Use of smartphones and tablets as media sources and renderers
  • Local USB input with an integrated DLNA server making all the music stored on USB sticks and HDDs available across the network

With StreamAMP, Cabasse offers high-fidelity sound and highly flexible streaming in a jewellery box sized package..

Available from February 2015. UK retail price £449


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Absolute Sounds, the UK high-end distributor has been in touch to tell us about some of the products they deal with and their CESpresence at CES 2015.

Those fortunate enough to be attending the show in Las Vegas this week will find a host of exciting new creations, from the ultimate in analogue technology to cutting edge digital, all proudly displayed and ably demonstrated by the world’s most prestigious audio and video brands. CES locations of brands that Absolute Sounds exclusively distributes in the UK are given below, together with a summary of new product highlights confirmed at the time of writing. Many more will be revealed during CES…

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 29-232
Highlights from the American luminaries of valve-based audio technology include G Series: the company’s first range built around the recently launched KT150 valve, fusing gorgeously retro design with a sound that’s “sweet and sonorous, with engrossing dynamic power”. Look out for the GSPre preamplifier, GS150 power amplifier and GSi75 integrated amplifier.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 34-210
This audio electronics brand is something of a high-end “dream team”, blessed with the talents of distinguished designers like John Curl, Bascom King, Peter Madnick and Demian Martin, and assembled by two of the founders of Continuum. The company’s new Inspiration line is on show at CES, including the self-explanatory Preamp 1.0 and two power amps: the Mono 1.0 and Stereo 1.0.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 30-215
Dutch company Crystal Cable shows off its Arabesque Minissimo speakers at CES. Also present is The Cube – a compact integrated amp due later this year, featuring the unique Light Drive system developed by sister company Siltech. Cables on show include the Absolute Dream, the world’s first 100 per cent monocrystal cable range.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 29-224

Krell’s legendary founder treats show-goers to his range of amplifiers, including the Momentum Integrated – sculpted from aluminium and copper with D’Agostino’s signature front-mounted meter, inspired by the styling of fine Swiss watches. Forthcoming products unveiled at CES include the MLife, D’Agostino’s first design to incorporate wireless streaming, and an amp for home cinema applications called the Cinema Standard.

Show locations: Venetian Tower, Suite 30-209; Mirage Hotel, Suite TBC
Devialet continues to evolve its unique product line, following investment by French entrepreneurs including Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO of luxury goods conglomerate LVMH. The company’s slim, wall-mountable amplifiers – built upon Devialet’s ADH (Analogue Digital Hybrid) technology – have created a huge stir during the last five years, and the latest range will be present at CES. Show-goers can also witness Devialet’s latest concept, the Phantom.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 29-319
Maker of turntables for vinyl records, European Audio Team is showing its new entry-level model – the C-Sharp, incorporating a suspended carbon fibre sub-chassis and a weighty yet sculpted aluminium platter.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 29-221
Jadis is demonstrating its latest model, the I-50: an amalgam of chrome, brass and glowing glass, incorporating the latest KT150 valves.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 30-328
Legendary American high-end brand Krell shows its range of audio electronics, including its latest integrated amplifier, the Vanguard with the option of an integrated digital module that adds USB, HDMI and Ethernet connectivity, plus wireless streaming via Bluetooth with aptX support.

Show location: Mirage Hotel, Suite E21
The company’s full range is on show at CES, from the £13,000 S1 upwards, including the limited-edition M Project. This £130,000-per-pair, built-to-order speaker is culmination of all Magico has achieved to date, created in celebration of its 10th anniversary.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 30-118

Kansas-based MartinLogan is the world’s leading manufacturer of hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers, and its new flagship, the Neolith, is its best design yet. Three years in the making, Neolith combines a huge electrostatic radiating surface with front- and rear-firing subwoofers to deliver a deep, broad soundstage with stunning speed and clarity – we’ve heard them and they are incredible.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 29-234
The company’s primary focus is to achieve the very best sound quality from digital sources, particularly good ol’ Compact Disc. CD transports like the Calypso look like spaceships, come loaded with space-age technology, and sound “out of this world”! New products unveiled at CES 2015 include Le Player and the CD+ Converter.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suites 29-315 & 29-316
The company continues to expand its mid-level ProLogue Premium range, with new products like the ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 29-232

Handcrafted in the historic town of Vicenza, Italy, Sonus faber’s new Lilium floorstanding speaker incorporates technologies trickled down from the Aida, with an unusual 3.5-way driver configuration including an infra-woofer that fires from the top of the speaker.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suites 35-307 & 35-309
Designed and built in Japan, the TechDAS Air Force One turntable has a platter that floats on an air bearing for ultra-stable, friction-free rotation, while adjustable air suspension ensures a complete absence of interference from air- and floor-borne vibration. A silent outboard vacuum pump clamps records flat against the platter, and there’s the facility to mount two different tonearms. TechDAS has also created the Air Force Two, a more affordable deck forged upon the same engineering principals for collectors of vinyl records who demand the very best.

Show location: Venetian Tower, Suite 29-332
US-based Theta Digital is unveiling two new versions of its Casablanca Music and Cinema Controller– a multichannel preamp/processor. The Casablanca IVa adds decoding for the new 3D audio formats Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D, whilst also being ready for DTS:X, and maintains the innovations of last year’s Casablanca IV, like Dirac Live 96K digital room correction and Theta’s proprietary Jitter Jail II anti-jitter technology. The Casablanca V, meanwhile, doubles the number of available channels to 24, and there’s also a new modular power amplifier called the Dreadnaught IV.

Show location: Mirage Hotel, Suite D29
US-based high-end cable specialist Transparent has upgraded its top-end Opus, XL and Reference cable ranges with its new Generation 5 technologies.

Show locations: Venetian Tower, Suite 35-309; Mirage Hotel, Suite D32

Utah’s Wilson Audio is demonstrating its new entry-level floorstander, the Sabrina – highlights include a front baffle fashioned from the company’s proprietary X-Material and a wide range of colour options via Wilson’s automotive-class paint facility. Also, some very exciting news for high-end audio aficionados: founder Dave Wilson is giving a special private presentation of a prototype of a new version of the legendary WAMM, his first commercial loudspeaker design that debuted in 1981.


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ECLIPSE will be demonstrating its flagship high-performance TD series loudspeaker at CES 2015 — the first time it has been ECLIPSE_ces_newsdemonstrated in the United States. The ECLIPSE room (Venetian Tower Suite 31 – 215), will host various demonstrations throughout the event including ECLIPSE’s flagship loudspeaker system, the TD712zMK2 (£6,500 pr), plus the matching subwoofer: TD725SWMK2 (£5,100).

Visitors will also be able experience the desktop-orientated TD-M1 wireless home audio system, which offers wireless music playback from both Android and iOS devices (via AirPlay). ECLIPSE will also have a number of other models from its TD series at CES, including: TD510ZMK2/TD510MK2; TD508MK3; TD307MK2A plus the TD520SW subwoofer.

ECLIPSE UK staff, Hideto Watanabe (General Manager) and Paul Burnip (Sales Manager), will be available throughout the event and look forward to welcoming journalists, and introducing the company’s revolutionary Time Domain (TD) technology and design  concepts.Sponsorship button

Keith Monks Audio celebrates the 45th anniversary of their first Record Cleaning Machines with the launch of the new discOvery KMSAPHIREmini One Sapphire at International CES, Venetian Hotel Suite 29-139.

The discOvery mini One Sapphire is a limited edition of 45 production units worldwide.

Keith Monks discOveryOne machines bring the original record cleaning technique developed with and used by the BBC, the US Library of Congress and the British Library National Sound Archive in a compact, easier and more affordable package. JonathanMonks – The Record Doctor and son of Keith – will be demonstrating the new limited edition Sapphire at CES 2015 in Suite 29-139 of the Venetian Hotel.

Key Features: discOvery mini One

  • New extra compact footprint – the smallest Keith Monks
  • New retro sports car style vacuum gauge
  • New hinged lift-up smoked translucent lid cover
  • Reproduction Keith Monks original signature on exclusive oval plaque
  • Exclusive numbered certificate with reproduction Keith Monks and hand signed Jonathan Monks signatures
  • Strictly limited to 45 production units worldwide.

Key Features: discOveryOne series

  • Zero Recontamination – the fluid and the part of machine touching the record both only ever used once.
  • Original Keith Monks Point Suction Precision Clean vacuum system
  • Both sides of an LP completely clean in under 3 minutes
  • Semi-automatic operation
  • Auto off at end of dry cycle
  • Automatic reel out of suction thread
  • Auto shutdown when waste jar is full
  • SuperSilent professional direct drive turntable

The limited edition discOvery mini One Sapphire will be available from selected Keith Monks specialty retailers while stocks last, in the US for $3795, in Europe for Euro 2495, and in the UK for £1995.


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Parasound’s latest quest was to develop an integrated amp that would match the performance of their Halo pre and power amps CES2015_Parasoundand their latest press release says the result will be unveiled at CES 2015.

Also unveiled will be the new Zdac V.2. which follows the original Zdac. This new version adds enhanced pre-amplifier features, a new headphone amp, improved system integration and the latest iOS device connectivity.

If you visit Parasound in the Venetian Palazzo Hospitality Suites you will have the opportunity to see the Z Series components on show in their new Black livery (without rack holes) as an option to the existing Silver models.

Parasound’s Marketing Director, Paul Brownlee and their European distribution partner, Martin Harding from AVEMEA will be on hand during the show.


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For CES 2015 Cary Audio have developed a NEW analogue tube preamplifier. This fully balanced tube line-stage design is called the CESTL-300d and uses four 12AX7’s and two 12AU7’s. It also incorporates a full-blown digital section and hence the “d” in the name. This digital section can handle 32 bit/384kHz PCM signals and native DSD64/128/256 signals. D to A conversion is handled by FOUR DAC chips consisting of eight independent channels of processing. The preamp has five digital inputs including; Asynchronous USB, CSR aptX® Bluetooth, Coaxial , Toslink, and AES/EBU.

For digital only sources, Cary have several new products that act as not only hubs for digital sources, but also function as digital preamplifiers. These include the DMC-600, DMC-600SE and the DAC-200ts. The DMC-600 and DMC-600SE Digital Music Centers are DACs with the same processing and input complement as the TL-300d, but adding a CD transport. The DMC-600SE adds premium quality parts in the analogue output stages, such as; Jensen Capacitors, Elna Capacitors, Dale resistors, etc. For those not concerned with CD, the DAC-200ts offers the same capabilities, less CD, in a DAC with Asynchronous USB, CSR aptX® Bluetooth, Coaxial (2), Toslink, and AES/EBU.

The DMC-600, DMC-600SE, and DAC-200ts draw from Cary Audio’s vacuum tube lineage, utilising both vacuum tube and solid state analogue circuits with switchable DiO™ dual independent outputs.  This essentially creates two units in one, allowing the user to tailor the sound based on source material for flexibility. With a full three volt variable volume output, the DMC-600, DMC-600SE, and DAC-200ts can also be used as a digital preamplifier for connecting directly to an amplifier. Other digital features include; selectable TruBit™ upsampling sample rate converter, fi™ Bluetooth implantation, OSO™ reclocking, and Multiple Parallel DAC Topology.

For the third consecutive year, Cary Audio will be partnering with Tannoy Loudspeakers and WireWorld Cables in the Venetian Towers, Suite 35-209 where they will be displaying two systems as follows:

The main room will consist of their flagship CAD-211FE 150 watts tube monoblock power amplifiers with the NEW TL-300d tube preamplifier. Computer USB audio will be feeding both the TL-300d and DMC-600SE for digital sources, and CD via the DMC-600SE. They will be using Tannoy Prestige Series Loudspeakers. All components will be wired with WireWorld Gold and Silver Eclipse 7 Series balanced interconnects and bi-wire speaker cables and Silver Electra 7 power cords with Torus Power conditioning.

The second room will have the new DAC-200ts and computer USB source connected to the Ultimate Edition SLI-80 as demonstrated at 2014 RMAF. This is an all-out SLI-80 with a Jaguar red chassis and anthracite black transformer cans/top, WBT speaker posts, Greyhill selector switch, hexfreds to replace the B+ power supply and bias rectifiers, bypass capacitors on the various electrolytic capacitors, premium grade resistor in the power supply section with a custom choke transformer, upgrade of numerous resistors with high-end metal film resistors, upgrade of coupling capacitors with V-cap CuTF capacitors, upgrade of standard tubes with 6DJ8 Amperex Bugle Boy input/buffer, RCA 6SN7GT pre-drive/phase inverter, RCA or Sylvania 5U4 rectifier, and Genalex Gold Lion KT-88’s. Loudspeakers will be the Tannoy Revolution Series with all WireWorld cabling. The interconnects will be Eclipse 7 single-ended and Equinox Eclipse 7 speaker cables with Electra 7 power cords to Torus Power conditioning.

You can visit Cary Audio at Venetian Towers Suite 35-209.


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At CES 2015 Harman will bring its Lifestyle, Luxury Audio, Infotainment and Car Audio divisions together in one large venue at the CESHard Rock Hotel.

Harman say that his promises to be a great event, featuring Harman Luxury Audio Group attractions such as the much Mark Levinson No 585 amplifier, the JBL Synthesis Everest DD67000 in a new black gloss finish, and the new Revel Concerta2 series loudspeakers.

You can visit the “Harman Experience” at the Muse Ballroom, Hard Rock Hotel, Jan 6-9. There will be Harman branded shuttle buses running from the Hard Rock to the Convention Centre every day.


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Soulution will be at this year’s CES and say that “for natural reproduction of music, state-of-the-art technology is a pre-requisite, CESbut not an end unto itself. We at Soulution strive to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible by following the true credo of high fidelity: “no deletions, no additions””.

Their well-received Series 7 will be on show and they will have the 711 stereoamplifier and the 725 preamplifier on demo at CES 2015. Their brand new 560 D/A-converter will be the source.

Soulutions will be in Venetian Towers, Suite 29-137


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As CES gets underway GamuT got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell us about the  world premiere of GamuTʼs new RS7 loudspaker, CESfeaturing a unique curved enclosure with 21 individual layers of real-wood with minimal dampening, which they say results in “amazing micro-dynamics, more natural tonal reproduction and greater overall dynamics and resolution”.

GamuT will also unveil their new leather-wrapped Reference speaker cable and Signature power cables. All played on the combo of GamuTʼs preamp Dual-Mono D3i and M250i monoblocks.

A 2nd GamuT system will play on Larsen Ortho-Acoustic speakers, hand-built in Sweden by John Larsen. Larsen speakers are designed to places against the wall and, the press release says “excel in taking advantage of the room they play in; meaning speakers, playing with the room, not against it and reproducing a very live-like, natural sound”.

Both GamuT systems will also play on Pear Audio Blue turntables and their new Reference 2-box phono stage. Pear Audio Blue turntables & tonearms are the last designs by legendary turntable designer Tom Fletcher of Nottingham Analogue.


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