Stu looks at a few things from his past as a fledgling audiophile, though he didn’t know it then.
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There really is a tidal storm of music out there! A never-ending, algorithmically-curated musical selection that is spat out ad-nauseam especially for you, your gender, your socio-economic grouping. Perhaps I should just let it wash over me, or perhaps I should just have nice cup of tea, turn on the wireless and calm down a bit. Perhaps not. More »

Linette Smith looks at fame and the reasons people become, or want to become, famous.


It seems change is the only constant that we all experience. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of High Fidelity. All of us can rattle off various audio and video trends that we all thought would be with us forever only to see them gone….8 track tapes and players, cassette recorders, VHS recorders and of course Beta-Max.  Vinyl is making a big comeback people say. Truth be told, it never left for reasons we will talk about in our next article. Currently the rage is streaming services and streaming devices. You buy a new toaster most likely it will stream Pandora as you wait for your daily bread to be burned. More »

Earlier this week we were saying goodbye to my Father and over the days that followed it really struck me how much of a force for bringing people together music is. Read on…it’s not as maudlin as you might think! View_MFA_Spons More »

Mike Twomey continues his series of articles looking at the wonderful world of audio from the dealers perspective and this month offers up a few useful tips on how to get the best trade in deal when it comes round to the inevitable upgrade time… More »

Ian Ringtead loves a Hifi Show and has been going to them for many a long year… More »

Hifi Pig invited Mike Twomey who owns Big Kids Toys AV in Greensboro NC to give us his thoughts on internet shoppers and high-end audio.  More »

Linette gets that Christmas morning feeling and a girl crush…or does she?

“I have a confession to make. I have a bit of a girl crush on Alex Polizzi…, not like that, put away your filthy minds….I mean I’d like to be her friend, hang out with her a bit, I think she’s really cool”.





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