As we near the end of Hifi Pig’s coverage of Munich High End 2019 I can’t help think what a great show Munich really is and feel privileged that we have been covering the show at Hifi Pig for 7 years. The show is as much about the people as it is about the Hifi and Munich is a great place to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. Anyway, here is my final report from High End Munich 2019  – it was a blast! A massive thanks to our sponsor Tellurium Q, all our advertisers, all the readers who stop us at shows and ask for selfies with us (more Linette I think) and if you are reading this, then thank you too! This report includes:

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Saturday afternoon was time to pop over to the Marriott for the Hifi Deluxe Show. This runs in the afternoons/evenings on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the same time as the High End Show. With the difficulty in getting rooms at the MOC it is inevitable that a sideshow happens and you do find some interesting brands over here. There is also a shuttle bus between the two shows making it easy to get over there. Here we cover La Rosita, Knif Rauman, Viva Audio, Jeff Rowland, Fyne Audio, Cary Audio, Audio Exklusiv, Lumiks and Audio Signal Projects, Rohm,  Rike Audio, Martion and Tonmechanik Berlin, Holton Audio, Camerton Audio, Q-Tron Audio and Horn-Kultur, SottoVoce, SeaWave Acoustics, Fein Audio, AGD Productions and Extreme Audio, 432 Evo, Malvalve and MrSpeakers, Grandinote, SoundKaos and Bakoon, Aretai, Klimo and Brodmann, Totaldac and AudionoteUK. More »

The final figures for High End Munich 2019 are in and they are impressive. Also we’ll announce the dates for the Munich High End 2020.FromTheHighEnd Society. More »

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