Home studios have always been popular but it’s only really over the past 10-15 years that they have actually been in the reach of most people. I remember getting my first tape 4 track recorder but, since the cost of a digital set-up such as the Tascam TrackPack US-2×2, has become affordable and the knowledge required to record something has also been simplified, now is a great time to get tooled up.

First I must apologise for the delay in posting this review. This has not been the fault of the tools sent to me to review but rather my insistence of having something half decent recorded through the set up. Unfortunately, the more pressure I put on myself to record something better than half-baked the more unhappy with what I was producing I became. Then, after a sit down with my friends Jim Beam and Jack Daniels, something hit me. That thing was the epiphany that I was supposed to be reviewing the hardware – not my musical ability and not even the supplied DAW software.

Throwing those shackles aside – it’s time to move on.

Read the review over on GadgetyNews.


The Tascam Trackpack 2×2 landed on my desk last week and, instead of diving straight in to review it, I thought that it deserved an unboxing video first.

Yeah, I know it’s been a while since I shoved my face on video and I also know that some would say that’s no bad thing. But, when the Tascam Trackpack arrived, there was so much in the box that I thought I would share unpacking everything with you.

Head over to GadgetyNews to read more or just click to watch on YouTube.