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Nordost has launched their new flagship ‘supreme reference’ range of cables, Nordost Odin Gold.

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Max Townshend is one of the stalwarts of the UK (and beyond) audio scene and is one of the industry’s great characters. Over the years he and his company have introduced a number of innovative products, and not always without a degree of controversy.  Here Janine Elliot takes a listen to the company’s Isolda loudspeaker cable costing £1141 for a pair of 3m lengths. More »

Tellurium Q has updated their entry-level cables, Janine Elliot compares the old with the new. An additional review by Stuart Smith is available here.

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Distributed in the UK by Russ Andrews, the Kimber Carbon 8 and 16 loudspeaker cables use a carbon polymer in their construction and cost from £861 and £1634 for a terminated 1m pair. Ken Stokes takes a listen. More »

Continuing the introduction of the Carbon Series, to mark the Kimber Kable 40th anniversary, Russ Andrews brings the flagship Carbon 18XL loudspeaker cable to the UK.

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Chord Company has introduced an upgrade to two of its most popular loudspeaker cables. They have upgraded the two-decade-strong Rumour and popular Shawline, with the introduction of a new insulation material, XLPE. More »

Hifi Pig review of the latest cable from innovative UK company Wire On Wire. This time it is their 660 speaker cable that has, to say the least, an interesting, and configurable, geometry. Contains a video of the owner of Wire On Wire explaining the concept behind his cables.  More »

Albedo are a Poland based company that go to great lengths (excuse the pun) with their cables’ manufacture. This goes all the way back to smelting the metals and drawing their own conductors. Dominic Marsh listens to their Monolith Reference Speaker and Interconnect cables to see if is all worth their effort.  More »

Tellurium Q’s Black speaker cable instantly won fans around the world when it was launched, but now they’ve improved it. Ian Ringstead takes a listen to this £54 a metre loudspeaker cable. More »

Tellurium Q make a wide range of speaker cables, interconnects and other audio cables at prices to suit most pockets. Here Stuart and Linette Smith take a listen to their range topping Silver Diamond speaker cables and interconnects.  More »

roksponsmallIn 2014 Chris Sommovigo had a little side project called A.H.A or “After Hours Audio” where he made a few cables designs in extremely limited quantities and sold them to a small ‘membership’ for quite low prices. Power cords, loudspeaker cables, interconnects were among these. More »

David Robson continues his Chord Company “Cable Doctor” series of reviews, where specific cable combinations are recommended for his system by Nigel Finn of Chord. Previously he has focused on the entry level C Line and Clearway cables but now moves up to the new Shawline series interconnects and digital cable, along with the Epic Twin speaker cable.  More »

roksponsmallThe design of the Tempest and Breeze is based on the Twist, Twirl and Samba speaker cables but include many additional design features.
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Danish manufacturer DALI has developed a series of terminated loudspeaker cables to complement their speakers. Dubbed DALI CONNECT, there are four loudspeaker cables in the line-up (including a bi-wiring option), each variant being available in mechanically tuned two, three and four metre lengths. Each of the cables is fitted with carbon-cased cable splitters that physically separate the terminations to avoid accidental shorting. The terminations comprise corrosion-resistant rhodium-plated banana plugs, encased in the same carbon material as the splitters. A mechanical twisting mechanism expands the plugs’ centre-pins to make a tight, secure connection with amplifier loudspeaker terminals. A distinctive mesh outer jacket over a PVC inner jacket provides the finishing touch. 

DALI SC RM230C – High Definition Speaker Cable 

Incorporating an impressive 74 strands of 3.0mm2 OFC (oxygen-free copper) wiring, the SC RM230C combines concentric stranding with insulating materials with low dielectric properties, to ensure a low-resistance, low-distortion and well-shielded path for audio signals. Each concentric conductor bundle is individually shielded in polyethylene (PE) and, by twisting the conductor bundles around each other in layers and by changing the direction of the conductors in each layer, we ensure that every layer is tightly gripped. This arrangement forces every strand in the conductor to be closely packed together, minimising microphonic effects while maintaining flexibility.


DALI SC RM230S – Absolute Clarity Speaker Cable 

Like the RM230C, this version also uses PE insulation but here each of the 74 individual strands of copper wire used are now silver-plated to help improve performance in the ultra high frequencies.

DALI SC RM230ST – Ultra Transparent Speaker Cable 

The flagship cable takes the RM230S formula and elevates it to yet another level by replacing the standard PE conductor insulation with a high-purity, inert FEP (Foamed Polyethylene) type and a PE outer layer.


SC RM230C: 2m – £269, 3m – £299, 4m – £329

SC RM230S: 2m – £309, 3m – £359, 4m – £409

SC RM230ST: 2m – £349, 3m – £399, 4m – £449

SC RM430ST: 2m – £539, 3m – £599, 4m – £679


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Dominic Marsh plugs in the Purple Rain series of speaker cables from Polish manufacturer Melodika (€71.00 for 2.5m pair). 

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Melodika, one of the biggest Polish manufacturers of hi-fi class cables is introducing a completely new range of reference products, the audiophile Brown Sugar speaker cable series, which is characterised by what Melodika describe as their ‘typical Melodika, consistent and smooth sound.’ Some of the key features are Triple low capacitance, dielectric isolation made of LDPE (foamed low density polyethylene) providing lossless signal transmission, Technologia Multi-Gauge Core which involves a special cable construction, with several thickness of cores for low, medium and high frequencies and twisted cores.Melodika_brownsugar_news


Made in EU with high quality OFC 6N (99.9999%) copper, the new series consists of two models:

BSC2450 (cross-section 2×4.5mm2) price: 39 EUR per metre

BSC2330 (cross-section 2×3.3mm2) price: 19,90 EUR per metre


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MCRU and SliC Innovations have announced the launch of the Eclipse C loudspeaker cables. They have the sameslic-innovations-eclipse-c-loudspeaker-cables (2) patented cable design as the SliC interconnects and the designer, electrical engineer Eugene Howe just asks hifi owners to audition the cables and come to their own decisions about them.  Available exclusively from MCRU, in any length from 1 metre upwards, the SLiC loudspeaker cables are terminated with specially chosen gold plated locking banana plugs or gold plated spade connectors.

Available now  priced from £692 for a 1 metre stereo pair.


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Audio4soul whose Xtreme 16 amplifier we reviewed has announced the launch of its OCC IT! Xtreme speaker cables. Audio4soul_loudspeaker_cables

Employing single crystal, pure OCC copper made by the now famous Ohno casting method, the OCC cables are said to “dig deeper into the music truth of your collection.”

“As with all Audio4soul products the new cables are completely handmade and have strong thinking, measuring and listening behind them”.

Prices are 200€ ex. VAT (240€ incl. VAT) for a 2,5m (8 1/3ft) pair with other sizes available.

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US audio cable manufacturer, DH Labs has announced the latest in their range of loudspeaker cables, the Deity DeitySpeaker Cable. The cable has been designed to be used in high-end audio systems and the company claims it delivers “the most accurate and uncoloured signal transmission possible, along with extraordinary harmonics and tonal balance”.

The Deity loudspeaker cable is said to be built to “exact tolerances and is hand terminated by skilled craftsmen”.

The cable is made up of 12 individually insulated pure silver conductors (20 awg) in an interleaved helical array encompassing two silver-coated Continuous Crystal conductors (14 awg).

DH Labs proprietary Air-PTFE dielectric is tape wrapped around each conductor and the company say this offers the lowest dielectric loss of any commercially available cable.

Made in the USA the Deity cable is available with either silver spades or bananas.

6ft lengths are $4900, 8ft lengths are $5900, 10ft lengths $6900 and 12ft lengths $7900. Available now.


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British Cable manufacturer Black Rhodium has announced the launch of their ‘Salsa 1.2 mm’ loudspeaker cable. The new loudspeaker cable is based very closely on their popular Salsa cable with one difference – the insulation of the individual conductors has been increased from a thickness of 0.8mm to 1.2mm.

The press release from Black Rhodium has the following to say: “The reason behind this change is that when two electrical conductors carry an electrical current, the magnetic field produced by the current in one conductor affects the resistance of the other conductor. This is known as the ‘Proximity Effect’. Because the loudspeaker load is reactive, the current and voltage in the speaker cable are not in phase and the modulation effect produces a ‘Transient Phase Distortion’ signal that distorts sound quality. By moving the conductors of Salsa 1.2mm further away from each other, the magnetic field (which reduces inversely proportionally to the distance) on the other cable is lowered and the ‘Transient Phase Distortion’ is less audible”


Conductors: 19 x 0.3mm diameter (13 gauge) silver plated copper

Insulation: Silicone rubber type GPC

Outside diameter of cores: 4.5mm

Prices:  Un-terminated £40.00 per metre, 3m pair terminated with gold plated 4mm plugs £330.00 and 3m pair terminated with rhodium plated 4mm plugs. £380.00


DC Gold Audio has announced that they have acquired DynaStrand, the company that manufactures the Dynasty Challenge Interconnects and Emperor Challenge Speaker Cables.

DynaStrand was founded by Jed Hacker, the designer of the speaker cables and interconnects. With a background in broadcasting, Jed also has over fifteen years in the audio cable design industry. He was the primary designer for well-known speaker wire and cable companies before branching out on his own and forming DynaStrand.

DynaStrand speaker cables and interconnects are made with high purity oxygen-free copper and foam dielectric as the primary insulation and currently DynaStrand cables are being sold directly to the public.


British Cable manufacturer Black Rhodium, which exports to 22 countries, has announced the launch of their new OPUS cable which can be used as both an interconnect and loudspeaker cable. Opus has been developed from the highly successful Harmony stereo interconnect cable and has the basic design of Harmony, but manufacturing costs have been cut by simplifying its design.

OPUS cable is made from 2 cores of tinned copper wire insulated in low loss silicone rubber, twisted to reject radio frequency interference, and sheathed in white silicone rubber.

Specifications of the OPUS cable are: Conductors: 16 x 0.2mm diameter (20 gauge) tinned copper, Insulation: Silicone rubber type GPC, Outside diameter: 6mm

The interconnects will retail at £49 for a stereo metre and the loudspeaker cable will retail at £7/metre unterminated, although terminated pairs are available.