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Noble & Noble based in the Netherlands has brought to market what they are calling the World’s first seven-sided loudspeaker system in the shape of their Nobilis Sonum 98 Loudspeaker System. It’s an interesting concept that includes onboard amps and digital processing with a cost of a few euros short of twenty grand. Stuart Smith plugs them in and takes a listen.

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Raidho TD 2.2 loudspeakers are made in Denmark and cost a not inconsiderable £38 000. Stuart Smith takes a listen and puts this price into context. More »

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The BBC LS3/5a must surely be one of the most famous loudspeakers in the world, in this review Stuart Smith checks out the Falcon Acoustics BBC LS3/5a Gold Label model costing from £2475. More »


Audiovector R1 loudspeakers are made in Denmark. In this review, Stuart Smith checks out the £4700 R1 Arreté stand mounters, dedicated stands, and Freedom Grounding Concept cables.

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Mellow Acoustics  FrontRo II is the second incarnation of this interesting electrostatic-hybrid loudspeaker. The loudspeakers cost £9500, are manufactured in England and have some interesting design features. Janine Elliot takes a listen. More »

Diptique is a French loudspeaker manufacturer specialising in making Isodynamic panel loudspeakers. In this review, Stuart Smith takes a look at their dp77 Anniversary model retailing at €3540. More »

The Ophidian Minimo 2 loudspeaker is, as the name would suggest, a mini-monitor type of loudspeaker. It is made in the UK and costs £900 a pair. Ian Ringstead takes a listen.
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hORNS are a Polish loudspeaker brand specialising in, you guessed it, horn loudspeakers. In this review, Stuart Smith takes a listen to their Symphony 13 loudspeakers costing €15,000. More »

Costing £1199 the Triangle Borea BR09 loudspeakers are a three-way floorstanding design. Stuart Smith tries them out for Hifi Pig. More »

Hifi Pig take a listen to the Davis Acoustics Courbet 4 Loudspeakers from France and costing €2200. More »

With new UK distribution in the form Auden Distribution, Memphis based EgglestonWorks has been a name in the high-end marketplace for more than 25 years. Here Alan McIntosh takes a listen to their Nico Evolution Speakers & partnering stands costing £6000.

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The Clarity System from MasterSounds is an all in one loudspeaker and amplifier package costing £4,495. Paul Messenger takes a listen for Hifi Pig. More »

Priced at $17500 in the US or €13000 in Europe the Ø AUDIO Icon loudspeakers are designed in Scandinavia by Sveinung Djukastein Mala and come with a 12” woofer and horn-loaded 3” tweeter; Stuart Smith sees what they are made of.

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Fink Team, headed up by Karl-Heinz Fink may be a new name to you, but it’s likely you will know speakers they have a hand in making. Now they are making their own speakers and here Stuart Smith checks out their two-way floorstander, Borg.  More »

American brand Martin Logan are famed for their electrostatic and hybrid designs but the Motion 40i use a Folded Motion tweeter allied to more conventional drive units. Ian Ringstead tries out this interesting speaker costing £1995 and distributed in the UK by PMC Distribution.

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Dan Worth takes delivery of the latest offering from Russell Kaufman’s British based company Russell K in the form of the SE version of his RED 150 floorstanding speakers costing £6000 – £6500 depending on finish. More »

Mellow Acoustics  FrontRo is a £7500 loudspeaker of small proportions that employs a novel electrostatic panel for high and mids and a conventional driver for bass frequencies. Janine Elliot plugs them in and takes a listen for Hifi Pig.

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Steve Crowe visits Sydney, Australia and Serhan + Swift to listen to their Brigadier Mu.2 Loudspeakers costing £4950 in the UK.

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Paul Messenger takes a listen to Italian manufacturer Diapason’s Astera standmount loudspeakers, now available in the UK through G Point Audio and costing £7896.

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Paul Messenger takes a listen to the Eclipse TD510Z Mk2 Loudspeakers with matching stands and costing £3840 a pair. More »

Klipsch is an American brand operating since 1946 and probably best known in audiophile circles for their Klipschorn, La Scala and Heresy loudspeakers. However, they also make more conventional loudspeakers and here Adam Billingham puts a pair of their £625 RP-600M stand-mounters through their paces. More »

Made in Italy and with an unusual aesthetic, the Mya speakers from Nime Audio certainly look the high-end part, but what do they sound like. Stuart Smith cocks an ear to these €12500 beauties. More »

Think electrostatic hybrid loudspeakers and a handful of names will come to mind, and likely top of that list will be Martin Logan. Here Janine Elliot takes their ElectroMotion ESL X costing £4998 for a spin. 

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Made in the Czech Republic but with an Italian heritage, Xavian Perla loudspeakers are a smallish loudspeaker made of solid oak and costing €1990 plus stands. Could these be the pearl in the oyster you have been looking for?

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The A.R.T Stilleto 6 V3-S speakers cost £3500 which seems very reasonable for their size, fit and finish. Janine Elliot hooks them up to her system to put them through their paces.  More »