The new Griffin Survivor power bank has been designed to cope with the most challenging environments and, as anyone that has endured a weekend festival in the UK can attest, none come more challenging.

I have certainly done my time in tents at festivals – starting off at Monsters of Rock in the 80s and early 90s, numerous Glastonburys, all the UK Sonispheres, a couple of OzzFests, and a Lattitude.

Festivals these days tend to offer recharging lockers which is all well and good if you can do without your device whilst it’s incarcerated. But what happens if you get split up from your party? You know full well that rally point agreed upon whilst you were all still fresh (and sober) will have slipped everyone’s minds by then.

The smart kids will have packed a power bank. The really smart ones will have brought one that can put up with the rigors of rain, beer, muddy fields and impaired coordination.

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