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Touraj Moghaddam Vertere’s founder and chief designer announced two new Vertere Super Groove PTA tonearms the Vertere SG-PTA and Vertere SG-PTA HB.

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Soulines turntable model tt42 is the Serbian brand’s new flagship reference turntable.

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Serbian brand, Auris Audio, has tipped its toes into the world of vinyl with their first tonearm, the Auris Tangenta Hawk.

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Kimber Kable UK distributor, Russ Andrews is introducing the new Kimber KS PHONO tone arm cables.

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TALK Electronics, the UK based Hifi designer and manufacturer, has announced the introduction of two new TALK tonearms, the A500 and A600.

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VPI Industries will debut the production models of the VPI JMW Fatboy tonearms at Axpona 2018.  Both Unipivot and Gimbal versions will be on display and are available choices for all VPI turntables.  In addition, they can easily be mounted with other turntable brands.  The availability of Unipivot and Gimbal options is to provide arm option styles for all listeners says the company’s press release.   More »


How many times have you read a glowing review of a high quality, low compliance phono cartridge, only to find yourself bumping up against a ‘but…’ asks the latest press release from Timestep. The ‘but’ in question being the caveat that, in order to enjoy the cartridge’s full performance potential, you’ll need a high mass tonearm.   More »

Timestep’s Dave Cawley has just signed an exclusive distribution agreement to import Glanz tonearms from their native Japan to the UK. More »

The Supreme-Analog Tangenta Referenca tonearm from Serbia, will be making it’s debut in the USA early next month. More »

Triangle Art got in touch to tell us about their Master reference turntable. Tom Vu explained: “The Master Reference Turntable delivers innovative design without compromising the quality in high-depth sound and mechanics, making it competitive among like turntables in the industry”. More »

AVID Hifi, the UK based high end hifi manufacturer, unveiled their new tonearms at High End Munich 2017. This is their next step towards “a complete AVID system”. More »

Hifi Pig Advertising Promotion

Hifi Pig brings you a series of promotional articles about our Great British Brands exhibiting at High End Munich 2017. We let them tell you all about their philosophy and products.

Munich 2017 – the reveal. This Munich sees Funk at its most ambitious. There, not just one but two new arms will be on show. More »

Tom Vu, president of TraingleArt, got in touch to tell us more about their latest tonearms, the Osiris MK2 and the Horus. More »

Surrey based Audio Reference got in touch with Hifi Pig to let us know they will now be representing and distributing Grand_Referenz_MørchAmazon Audio turntables and Mørch tonearms in the UK.

Frankfurt-based Amazon Audio offers five turntable models including the entry level Amazon 2 with the range moving up through the Amazon 1, Referenz and Grand Referenz to the flagship First Choice turntable first introduced at the Munich High-End Show.

Mørch tonearms come in 4 effective masses, 9 or 12 inches, and with 2 types of headshell and all tonearm parameters are adjustable.

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