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Synthesis is distributed in the UK by Henley Audio and here we have their £2649 Roma 96DC+ integrated valve amplifier that uses the EL34 tubes. More »

Distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds and costing £2698, the Prima Luna Evo200 Integrates amplifier offers a great deal of versatility in that output tubes can be swapped out from the supplied EL34s. Janine Elliot gives it a whirl.

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Audion has a long history in producing well-received valve-based amplifiers. Here Stuart Smith takes a listen to the Silver Night Anniversary 300B Parallel Single Ended monoblocs costing £5750. More »

The Mira Ceti from Fezz Audio is a 300B integrated amp using toroidal output transformers and costing £2330 in the UK. Stuart Smith plumbs it in and gives it a listen for Hifi Pig.

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Whether it is measured in pounds and ounces or pounds and pence, John Scott finds that Audio Note’s Jinro is a heavyweight champion that doesn’t pull any punches.  More »