Jake Purches of Vivid Audio UK got in touch to tell us about what they have in store for Whittlebury visitors this year:  We are showing just two loudspeakers from the Vivid range. The V1 (used to be V1.5) which is the entry level loudspeaker at £6500, a two way speaker based on the same principles as the Giya speakers, using exactly the same drivers. The second is the new B1 decade loudspeaker at £18000 limited to 200 pairs. Whilst similar to the B1, it uses bass drivers with Giya motor systems and new mid and tweeter domes protected by ‘spiderman’ grilles, and a new cabinet made from the thin film advanced vacuum infused composite construction used on the Giya series. The B1 Decade is the nearest to a true Giya but in an Oval wrapping. They will be demonstrated using AVM electronics from Germany.”Vivid_NAS2015_B1_Decade_News3

Vivid will also be featuring the talents of Rachel Collis, an Australian singer songwriter of the folk/pop genre.Vivid_Rachel_NAS2015_News2

Vivid will be launching a special edition of Rachel Collis’s Nightlife on DVD Music format, in 24 bit 96 khz from the studio masters.


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Sound Fowndations got in touch with us to tell us what they are up to at the NAS at Whittlebury Hall.Master Innovation & TT1i

Sound Fowndations will be demonstrating a high-end analogue system with some items making their UK debut. The kit on demonstration will be:

Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable
Clearaudio TT1i tonearm (making its UK debut)
Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement cartridge
Clearaudio Absolute Phono (phonostage with headshell-mounted input)
Clearaudio Everest equipment rack (UK debut).

This will be feeding a Gamut system comprising:

D3i preamp
4 x M250i mono power amps (first time four of these will be in one place in the UK)
RS7 speakers (also making their UK debut)

In total a system value of around £150,000 and should be a bit tasty to say the least!

Alongside this system Sound Fowndations will also have every Clearaudio turntable in the current range (with the exception of the Statement) on display / demo.

Powering the system will be the new IsoTek EVO3 Syncro Special edition (which removes DC offset), feeding an EVO3 Titan mains conditioner.

The LP collection will be filed using the Kate Koeppel Design record dividers that Hifi Pig reported on a while ago. SF are in negotiation to become the UK distributor of these rather natty dividers.

There will also be stuff from ADSL, Furutech and Canor but the main attraction will undoubtedly be the big system.


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