TAGA Harmony has unveiled the newest and second version of the flagship bookshelf model Diamond B-60.

TAGA Harmony have implemented their newest concept which they are calling “Born in Europe – Crafted for the World” to upgrade almost every single aspect of B-60’s performance.

The company claim that the outcome is “amazing and results in even deeper, perfectly controlled and defined bass, more smooth and rich midrange and appealing, detailed and crystal clear highs as well as very open and airy soundstage.”

Internal Changes:

The S-TLIE Enclosure – (Super Taga Low Interference Enclosures) structure has been slightly upgraded to provide bigger internal volume and additional level of rigidness. This design is implemented to provide lower distortion and vibrations and internal standing waves issues.  

Ogrodnik Crossover –Diamond B-60’s performance is controlled by the Ogrodnik crossover sections. They are specially and personally designed and engineered by well recognised Polish loudspeaker designer and audio press reviewer Mr. Arek Ogrodnik. The company use a minimal number of carefully selected components in the high-pass and low-pass crossover sections to give neutrality, and to handle massive amounts of power.  

Internal Wiring custom designed and built for the Diamond B-60 v.2 by XLO U.S.A. 14AWG multi-stranded Oxygen Free Copper XLO internal wiring is used for connecting all drivers with crossovers.

New Enclosure Damping Material is being used in the speakers too.

Cosmetic changes

The front logo badge is now magnetic mounted – it can be easily removed to match the speakers to your room decor whilst a new finish has been added to the existing range of natural wood veneers. The new finish is ebony veneer with clear gloss piano lacquer


Design:Bookshelf, 2-way, 2 drivers, Bi-wiring, Bi-amping,

Rear bassreflex,

18 mm MDF S-TLIE enclosure

Crossover point 3.7kHz

High-Frequency Driver:30 mm (1.18”) O-TPTTD, E-TPAF
Bass-Midrange Driver:165 mm (6.5″) TNPPCD
Recommended Amplifier Power:50 – 200W
Frequency Response (+/- 3dB):36Hz – 33kHz
Dimensions (H x W x D):41 x 23 x 34.7 cm
Weight (net):26.6 kg / pair


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