For more than 30 years, TARA Labs has been manufacturing audio cables in Oregon, USA. They now are releasing their Apollo Extreme series which includes an interconnect and speaker cables, which are available in both stereo and bi-wire models.                                  

TARA Labs use a new, specialised, extruded pure copper oxygen free conductor, as well as a new proprietary dielectric material that is specifically manufactured with high entry-mid level audio component systems in mind, for  the Apollo Extreme interconnect cables. They are available with RCA (Torque-Lock™), or XLR termination and feature a Silver braided shield to protect against EMI/RF interference.

The new Apollo Extreme speaker cables feature four 14 AWG conductors each (+) and (-) conductor’s path consisting of SA-OF8N “Pressure group” solid core conductors. Each of the conductor run is extruded with a thin layer of SVPE primary dielectric material.

Also included is TARA Labs’ BSM (banana-spade module) which enables the user to “switch” out and use either spades or banana terminations. The Apollo Extreme speaker cable is also available as either a stereo or bi-wire speaker cable model.




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