Japanese uber-turntable manufacturer has unveiled the Air Force Zero in Tokyo last Saturday 16th. In the UK it will be distributed by Absolute Sounds. Take a look at the spec’ we have so far and a couple of pics. The Air Force Zero promises to be bigger, better and more expensive than anything that the company has produced so far, though the current top-of-the-range Air Force One Premium Titanium is £129,000, and the Zero will clearly cost more than that! 

Main Unit Base Frame: 100 kg, stainless steel

Platter Base: 35 kg,

Extra Super Duralumin Platters: 118 kg in total

Bottom platter: 30 kg, ø 40cm, forged Stainless Steel SUS 316L

Second platter: 20 kg, ø 31cm, forged Stainless Steel SUS 316L

Third platter: 20 kg, ø 31 cm, cast Gunmetal Fourth Platter: 20 kg, ø 31 cm, forged Stainless Steel SUS 316L

Top Platter: 28 kg, ø 31 cm, powder sintered Tungsten Total moment of inertia: 18,720 kg/cm square

Drive system: Belt-drive, polished and nonflexible polyurethane fibre belt

Drive Motor: 3-phase 12-pole AC synchronous motor manufactured by Papst, Germany (1000/5001)  During a startup and adjustment of the rotation, high torque rotation in a steady-state rotation, non servo, low torque, ultra-low vibration.

Rotation speed: 33.3 rpm / 45 rpm, precise speed adjustment function

Wow & Flutter: below 0.03%

Suspension: Air suspension, air pumped by an electric air pump built-in in

Power Supply Unit Main Unit Dimensions including Motor: 901 (W) x 677 (D) x 335 (H) mm Distances between center point of base frame feet:  front left foot – front right foot 674mm / rear left foot – rear right foot 722mm front left foot – rear left foot 461mm / front right foot – rear right foot 442mm  Total weight of Main Unit including Motor: 350kg (Power Supply / Air Pump Units are not included)

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 2x Titanium Tonearm Bases (Tungsten Tonearm Base available as an option),  1x TechDAS Disc Stabilizer, 1x Platter Cover

AIR FORCE ZERO RACK SYSTEM (Optional): Set of 2 racks with turntable platform and shelves:  Rack 1/2: 905 (W) x 675 (D) x 790 (H) mm Rack 2/2: 790 (W) x 610 (D) x 790 (H) mm


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