Since forming in 1983, Ozric Tentacles have released almost 30 albums of psychedelic, space rock goodness. Technicians of the Sacred, their first double album since 1990’s classic Erpland, delivers dubby bass, trippy electronic grooves and extended Steve Hillage-influenced guitar explorations over the course of 11 tracks.

Ethnic instruments are marinated with guitars, synths, bass and drums to produce a heady stew but there is no risk here of indigestion. My only criticism is that there is a lack of variation in the structure of the individual tracks, they all tend to build to a climax in much the same way.

Technicians of the Sacred may or may not take you on a blissed-out cosmic voyage to another dimension but even if it it doesn’t, it’s an entertaining way to spend 90-odd minutes. If you are a fan of space rock pioneers such as Hawkwind or Gong but haven’t yet experienced what the Ozric’s have to offer then then Technicians of the Sacred is well worth your attention. If you are already a fan then the latest album will not disappoint.

Technicians of the Sacred was released by Madfish Records on 11th May.

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