Technics has announced the launch of the new Technics SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable.

Featuring the iconic characteristics of Technics turntables, such as the iron-coreless direct drive motor and a high-precision S-shaped aluminium tonearm, it comes in at a more affordable price point than its sibling, the SL-1500C.

Technics SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable

Technics SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable


“The huge success of the SL-1500C, offering a fully-featured package for the dedicated hifi enthusiast, with all the core Technics turntable technologies, has shown we have hit the mark within a popular and competitive turntable class,” says European Technics product manager Frank Balzuweit. “The demand for this high-quality ‘plug’n’play’ turntable – having exceeded our own expectations – is still undiminished even to this day. However, there is still a strong appetite from the market to deliver a similarly attractive package at an even more affordable price.”

Technics SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable

Technics SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable side view


To deliver a cost-effective solution without significant compromise, the new SL-100C comes with an onboard pickup cartridge, the Audio-Technica VM95C, which is widely compatible with the typical Phono MM (moving magnet) inputs found on hifi amplifiers.

Technics SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable

The Technics SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable comes with an Audio Technica cartridge

As a ‘real’ Technics turntable, the SL-100C impresses with the same iron-coreless direct-drive motor with motor control to ensure smooth rotational stability. It also has a solid two-layer chassis and the classic S-shaped aluminium tonearm. The automatic tonearm lift (which can be turned off) that is activated at the end of the vinyl’s groove prevents unnecessary needle wear-out after finishing each side of an LP.

Technics SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable

Technics SL-100C Direct Drive Turntable is the brand’s entry level model


The Technics SL-100C will be available in Europe from June 2021, RRP €899/£799

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