Hifi Pig’s very last report on High End Munich 2016. 

Input Audio

Input Audio’s room had a distinctly British feel to it with them using the new Creek Evolution 100 CD Player/DAC and Evolution 100A amplifier along with Harbeth Loudspeakers. The excellent Wand tonearm from New Zealand was also in evidence.INPUT_Audio_high_end_2016

Hifi Racks

Hifi Racks certainly do get around and they’ve been present at pretty much every show Hifi Pig has covered recently. Julie and Bradley always put on a great stand to show of their hand-made, solid wood Hifi, AV and now media racks. Expect to see them in evidence at Hifi Pig Towers in the near future.Hifiracks_high_end_munich

Pearl Evolution

We couldn’t find very much about these loudspeakers but they certainly sounded pretty nice and look funky as hell! The company is from Italy and the speakers pictured are the catchily  named Linea Victor Mini BLR301/6”PEARL_evolution_high_end_2016


From Germany Gruensch make some truly lovely looking kit.Gruensch_high_end_2016


Serpentinum Acoustics

Not a great deal of information on this company available but the bigger speakers are named Quanna, come in a wide range of exotic woods, cost from €16000 to €22000.serpentinum8high_end_munich_2016


The Stromtank is a high-power battery pack with integrated pure-sine wave converter power supply. It totally disconnects your audio system from the grid. With the Stromtank you can enjoy up to 8 hours listening to music before it connects uninterrupted and automatically with the grid to recharge. During the recharging process you can listen without any interruptions. stromtank

La Boite Concept

This French outfit make a range of loudspeakers that also double as furniture. Certainly very cool looking and practical too.la_boite_concept_high_end


We didn’t get the name of this company but the audio rack looked really beautiful…I really want one!Unknown_high_end_munich_2016


MoSound make their spherical speakers out of porcelain and come from Vienna. They are a seamless and completely homogenous design with a wide-band loudspeaker.mosound_high_end

Russell K and Merrill Audio

Merrill Audio make what I consider to be one of the best amps I’ve ever heard, the Veritas, and we use their Thor amplifiers here at Hifi Pig as our reference. Russel Kauffman (pictured) makes a small range of speakers in the UK that have been well received. Good to see these two brands together at High End.




STS Digital

Based in the Netherlands STS digital produce a line of CDs and LPs but what was getting the most attention at this year’s High end show was their reel to reel tapes.STS_high_end


Room treatment is an often overlooked part of an audiophiles set up but GIK prove that effective room treatment doesn’t need to be expensive or overly intrusive. From their Tri Trap bass traps to acoustic panels you can have your own images printed on GIK has a product for most situations to allow you to get the best from your system. How do we know? We use their products extensively in our listening room here at Hifi Pig Towers.



The Bespoke Audio Company

The Bespoke Audio Company make just one product, a preamplifier. As their name suggests it is a high-end product that buyers can specify very particular details for. This year they brought a bubble car along to Munich by way of drawing attention to their brand and it managed to do that very effectively indeed.




Headed up by larger than life character Max Townshend, this company have been in business since 1975. Many will know them for their Rock series turntables but they are making a great name for themselves with some really rather excellent supports aimed at decoupling your electronics and loudspeakers from external vibrations. They also make a lovely preamplifier and super tweeters too.









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