The press release that has just landed on our desktop here at Hifi Pig says that “The Bellagio Conquest Black King is the limited blackpearl turntableedition, ultimate evolution of the best turntable ever designed by Gold Note featuring some great innovations adding the unique technical details of the Bellagio Conquest introduced during the end of 2013”.

The Bellagio Conquest Black King is available in a total black look having the following key features:

A 120 Kilos super high mass structure. The upper part of the structure is leveled on a triple multiple plinth and integrates three adjustable engraved aluminium semi-rigid spring covers allowing for fine-tuning.  The main structure is also leveled on adjustable acrylic feet.

Thirteen curved plinths with each plinth being different from the others. These plinths are interfaced with different thickness titanium spacers joined to each other with curved, machined solid-block aluminium and extra large feet.

A 270 mm long spindle, the longest platter ever made for a turntable. The spindle is made of the hardest carbon steel C40 alloy hardened with a boiling oil process, rectified and then polished. The bearing is made of bronze polished to get a 1/100-millimeter matching tolerance with the long spindle.

Two tone-arms installed on a shaped high mass structure with a 20mm dedicated 6082 aluminium alloy engraved arm board able to handle both 12” and 9” long arms.

A power control generator based on PWM technology – Pulse Width Modulation. The PWM power drive generates the power AC-DC-AC enabling the best coupling of the two AC semi-waves for a perfect coupling which “iterally annuls any motor resistance or vibration and allows the highest motor torque at the same time”.  The Bellagio Conquest Black King features three transformers. The Black King also features a new anti-resonating dampened hourglass shaped motor pulley to stop transmission belt vibration and the pulley is precisely machined and polished.

A remote control which allows the control of all the main functions: ON/OFF, speed change, speed control and power control.

A “power control system” allowing users to control the torque of the motor to finely adjust the turntable’s “musical character”. The power control system is performed by the remote control to let the listener adjust the way to play the turntable directly from his listening point.


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