Chord Electronics is expanding its presence at Sound and Vision for 2016. Chord’s regular room, the Matthew Suite (lower ground floor), will have demonstrations of the flagship DAVE DAC/preamp with Chord’s most famous power amplifier, the SPM 1200 MkII, PMC twenty.26 speakers and The Chord Company cables for an all-British-built system.CHORD_DAVE_HPHONES_WHT

This year, Chord Electronics will also be introducing a new concept on the ground floor. Chord will be presenting ten acclaimed headphones, using the company’s DAC/headphone amplifiers Mojo, Hugo and Hugo TT. The demonstrations promise to give show-goers the best headphone-comparison facility at Sound and Vision, using Chord’s proprietary DAC technology.

Chord Electronics will also be supplying high-performance electronics to a number of other manufacturers at Sound and Vision:

  • Melco will be using a Hugo TT
  • Armour Home Electronics will be using a Hugo TT and Hugo
  • The Chord Company will be using a Hugo TT and DAVE

Monitor Audio will premiering its new flagship Platinum II range using DAVE, a CPA 5000 preamp and SPM 1400 MkII power amp.

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