Following 2018’s Exercise the Demon EP, The Cabin Fever have returned with a new video for single “B-L-S-H”, only they’ve also pitched the song down and overdubbed some more madness. We teamed up with The Big Takeover to share this elaborate creation, writing “Deep, narcotic vocals elongate with the sedate pace of the song, as a downtempo beat, soporific guitar lines, and strung out violins creep through the cut”.

On the video, the band wrote “The title, “B-L-S-H” is an acronym for ‘Buy Low, Sell High’, which is a pretty basic business concept.  The lyrics are about missed opportunities and how depression and the negative feelings we all have sometimes can make it feel like it’s always going to be too late to B-L-S-H.  Very early on, we discussed an everything-in-reverse concept, playing with the ‘hindsight is always 20/20’ saying. We watched ALT+J’s “Breeze Blocks” and Adam French’s “Weightless” videos for ideas on how to execute.  Eventually, that morphed into the real-time slow-motion concept that prevailed in the end and seemed to fit better with the trippy remix version we were working with.

Additionally, Dokken’s “Dream Warriors” video was passed around.  Sean made a remark that perhaps the cabin miniature concept was subconsciously implanted in his brain as a kid 30 years ago when Nightmare on Elm Street 3 was in theatres.  The old VHS camera and TV/VCR combo were an extension of The Heaven’s Gate motif from TCF’s previous video, “The Brown Bunny”. The animal masks and red-green-blue-yellow motifs were a nod to the first video we all worked on together, TCF’s “Simon Says”.  Further inspiration came from the movies Enter The Void and The Shining as well as The Exorcist. “


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