The Chord Company, has introduced a new ARAY-technology analogue interconnect to its Clearway range. The Clearway Analogue, which is hand-built at Chord’s Wiltshire headquarters, has been designed to show music lovers just how good the new wave of entry-level DACs, turntables and streamers really are.28627188483_430c2af6ad_konline

Priced at £100 for a 1m pair, the new Clearway Analogue features the ARAY conductor configuration used on the Chord C-line, with a raft of critical upgrades. Chord’s technicians have improved the conductors by using high-purity oxygen-free copper, upgraded the insulation to FEP and used a higher density foil to improve the shielding.

Clearway Analogue is fitted with the high-performance Chord VEE 3 direct-silver-plated RCA plug and is also available terminated with DIN and XLR connectors. 29214117126_8d92bca857_k-2_online

Typically, cables that use oxygen-free copper as a conductor material will use either polyethylene or PVC as an insulating material.  What sets The Chord Company’s Clearway cable apart is its use of FEP, a derivative of PTFE with very similar performance characteristics.  Compared to polyethylene, the FEP-insulated Clearway carries both detail and dynamic information markedly more accurately. The tonal properties of the cable are also considerably more neutral.

The Clearway Analogue is priced at £100p/m and is available now fitted with silver-plated RCAs, DINs and XLRs. Custom lengths are available to order.

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