The Sarum Super ARAY RCA cable is fitted with a new precision-machined UK-made PTFE plug surround which, saySarum_Super_ARAY_DIN The Chord Company, introduces a number of sonic advantages over the acrylic plugs used on its predecessor; the Sarum Tuned ARAY cables (which Sarum Super ARAY replaces.) The Sarum Super ARAY uses the same high-quality conductors and cable as the previous Sarum, micro-polished silver-plated conductors, with a gas-foamed PTFE dielectric and the unusually high-density foil and braid combination shielding.

Existing owners of Sarum Tuned ARAY or Sarum cables, can return them to The Chord Company for an upgrade to the new Sarum Super ARAY specification for a modest fee. The cables are completely disassembled and then carefully re-built. Signal pins and earth shrouds are examined and replaced if necessary, and the new Super ARAY conductors are fitted. The cable is then re-built with the new precision-machined PTFE plug surrounds. Owners should contact their nearest Chord Company Sarum retailer for more information in the first instance.

The Sarum Super ARAY RCA, XLR and DIN interconnects are available in standard 1 metre lengths. Custom lengths can be made to order.


Sarum Super ARAY interconnect 1m RCA £1,900; additional metres £850.

Upgrading a Tuned ARAY RCA to Super ARAY specification £550


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