The Chord Company will be showing a variety of cables during dealer events throughout October. The three events, spread across Chord_streaming_cablesthe UK, will give attendees the chance to hear a number of cables in systems using Naim Audio, Arcam and Dynaudio equipment.

Forthcoming dealer events featuring The Chord Company cables include:

Saturday 4th October

Norman Hobbs: 

Cable and streaming-cable demonstrations with Naim Audio equipment.

The Chord Company will be focussing on its DIN, SNAIC and streaming cables.

Saturday 11th October

Audio T (Southampton):  

Interconnects and streaming cables with Arcam equipment.

A chance to hear some of Arcam’s latest products, plus The Chord Company’s XLR and streaming cables, including the proprietary ARAY and Tuned ARAY models.

Thursday 16th October

Custom Electronic Design:

Wired versus wireless demonstrations (with Dynaudio equipment).

An evening demonstrating a wide range of speaker cables from The Chord Company’s line- up, from Odyssey to Signature. The event will demonstrate the effectiveness of different shielding techniques and how shielded cables can affect system performance. Streaming cables, via a Naim Audio system, will also be on demonstration and upstairs, Dynaudio will be showing models from its new wireless speaker range.

Hifi Pig will be visiting the headquarters of The Chord Company very soon…watch this space. Sponsorship button

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