Chord Company has launched the new Epic USB, a hand-built high-performance cable engineered “to provide an increasingly sophisticated range of USB DACs, music streamers and digital source components with an unadulterated signal”.

The Wiltshire A/V cable brand, who has been hand-building its cables in Great Britain since 1984, has created the new Epic USB based on lessons learned from the recently developed (up-range) Signature Super ARAY USB (£800); the new Epic USB’s sonic performance is, say Chord only fractionally behind that of the original Signature USB.

Hybrid Design

The hybrid design, engineered with a focused approach on the most important elements in the cable, results in a claimed performance level normally associated with significantly more expensive models. Epic USB, like so many Chord Company cables, benefits from specialist care and attention to the critical shield. Epic USB deploys UK-made ultra-low-resistance silver-plated copper Ohmic connectors, common to the Signature Super ARAY range, to connect the signal-runs of shielded, silver-plated copper conductors.

Epic USB also takes advantage of Chord Company’s long-established proprietary Tuned ARAY technology, which maximises performance and sonic accuracy at a given price point.

Price And Availability

Epic USB is available now priced at £400 (1m).

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