The High End once again offers visitors numerous interesting lectures, presentations, demonstrations and workshops, featuring top-class and high-caliber speakers, on all aspects of the topic of consumer electronics.

Here is a small preview of the exciting topics:

Music “without limits” from all genres and in all formats by competent experts in the audio industry from around the world.

Room K1b (Foyer in front of Hall 1).

On all the exhibition days from 10:00am to 6:00pm in 30-minute intervals (Sunday until 3:30pm)

As in previous years, this time various competent experts from the audio industry from around the world have once again been invited by Meik Wippermann to provide the visitors at the High End with an insider’s view into topics surrounding their work. These are the people who work tirelessly “behind the scenes” to ensure that worldwide music aficionados can enjoy the highest possible quality. In Room K1b, not only technical aspects are presented, “only” music worth listening to is played, after all, that’s what it’s all about. The aim is simply to whet visitors’ appetites for a beautiful melody or a fine voice. The aim of the exercise is to convey music as a cultural heritage.

The variety of topics involves not only aspects of analogue reproduction and the latest HQ recordings but also multichannel recording, (re-)mastering, D/A converter technology, “musical cable connections”, along with the latest server and streaming topics. The multifaceted range of topics is truly remarkable and it is safe to say that this level of concentration and abundance is found at no other exhibition or presentation.

No expense was spared in preparing and equipping the presentation room K1b, in order not to impair any enjoyment of the presentations to the extent this is possible at an exhibition.

Lectures and workshops with Joachim Pfeiffer

(publisher and editor-in-chief)

Topic: Is data reduction history thanks to the newly developed MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology?

Atrium 3, 1st Floor, Room D111 (Audio Reference)

May 19 and 20, at 11:00am

MQA “Master Quality Authenticated” is an audio codec developed by Bob Stuart (Meridian), which enables the transfer of studio master quality even at lower data rates. Not just a dream but already a reality: With MQA, music can even be streamed over Tidal. Joachim Pfeiffer, editor-in-chief of Audio & Flatscreen Journal, explains the advantages of the new technology and also elaborates on why it is currently so controversial.

Whereas the past years were defined by the fact that music loaded or streamed via Internet did not approach anywhere near the level of CDs, a revolutionary new audio codec from England is now ushering in a paradigm change. With “MQA”, it should even be possible to stream music in studio quality over streaming services such as Tidal – thus significantly surpassing the sound quality of a CD. The devices that can decode MQA are hardly on the market, and there is vigorous resistance on the part of industry representatives. Joachim Pfeiffer, editor-in-chief of Audio & Flatscreen Journal, has listened to both: The concerns against MQA and naturally against music productions “packaged” via MQA. Is data reduction history thanks to MQA? The answers are as exciting as they are definitive.

Workshop with Joachim Pfeiffer

Atrium 4, 1st Floor, Room E104 (Gauder Akustik)

May 20, from 1:00 to 1:30pm

Joachim Pfeiffer explains his methodology in loudspeaker tests along with the music with which he closely examines the individual quality criteria.

Next Generation Audio – A vision of audio recording and transmission systems of tomorrow.

Technology stage, hall 3, booth L06

May 18, from 4:00 to 4:30pm

Each year, the High End exhibition re-defines the state of what is technically possible in the field of audio reproduction and cutting-edge consumer electronics. A good place from which to examine possible audio recording and transmission standards in store for us in the future. They ought to offer consumers a better listening experience and one that is more individually adapted to the user device. What’s more, research promises to usher in new possibilities of user interaction, along with better immersion of listeners on demand.

Christian Hartmann provides an overview of future-driven basic technologies, such as object-based audio transmission, and makes an attempt at assessing standard buzzwords, manufacturer claims and marketing messages.


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