As soon as I see that rainbow coloured logo and the name Salsoul I know I’m gonna just love the record it’s attached to – somewhere I’e got a press cutting of me Djing with the caption “Salsoul at Nine o’clock” underneath.

And the six original (and four remixed bonus tracks) on Street Sense really don’t disappoint at all despite this being the first Salsoul Orchestra record that Vince Montana Jr (whose brainchild TSO was) does not take part in. However, where Montana Jr left off legendary Dj and remixer Tom Moulton steps in on production duties with Thor Baldurson taking care of arrangements and conducting the orchestra.

Right from the first track (Zambesi) you know you’re in for a driving, funky extravaganza of discoteque. Zambesi is an instrumental tune with a nagging, dance floor filling bass line and if it doesn’t get your feet moving there’s something seriously amiss and a visit at the earliest opportunity to Dr Feelgood is in order.

Burning Spear is another instrumental tune with a brilliant squelchy synth run and lush sax laid over that wonderfully infectious rhythm section that TSO do so well. This is music that was made for the dancefloor and the hedonistic highs of a different era, but it’s still relevant today and it’s still a great listen at home too.

Somebody to Love is a disco freakout version of Jefferson Airplane’s classic tune and somewhere here the tracks and track listing seem to go awry. To me messing with the Airplane’s tunes is something of a sacrilege but this sort of works in a cheesy disco sense.

All in all this is a good album that is very much of its day, but then this kind of overblown production is always going to have a back to the seventies vibe about it…and there’s nothing wrong with this to my mind. If you love disco you’ll like this album and it should be in your collection.




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