Greg at G Point Audio, who distributes Eryk S in the UK, got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell eryksus about the new amp from the company, The Superior.

As can be expected The Superior amp is designed to fit with the Superioro loudspeakers that Eryk S produce. It fits just below the top of their range Red King amplifier, and sports the same EL 84 pentodes, which the designer Eryk believes in so much.

The new Superior boasts only 6 watts but offers a top class component selection and “the best quality” BlueTooth interface.

Like the company’s entry level Red Beauty it only has a single input ( plus virtual Blue tooth one) but you can always add a preamplifier of your choice.

The Superior amplifier will be available in any of the company’s standard colours ( gloss white , black and red) to match the Superioro range and custom finish is also possible here as it is with the speakers.

• Music power: 2 x 6Watts (>5% distortions)

• Bandwidth: 20Hz – 28kHz (-3dB)

• Power consumption: 65Watts

• Dimensions: 11,5cm x 28cm x 30cm (W x H x D incl. speakers’ sockets)

• Weight: approx. 7kg Net

The Superior’s price at launch is £ 1500 , exactly the same as the Superioro speakers.

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