New Jersey-based emo pop project The Victory Drive has released a video for “Pop The Champagne (Remix)” amidst a rare, career-spanning interview with frontman Jamie McClanahan via Talk Nerdy With Us.

The song and video, featuring classical pianist Lexi Vito, is the first music video since McClanahan announced his return to The Victory Drive moniker after a near decade-long hiatus. As far as returning with a remix of a song from 2011 goes, the singer doesn’t mince words about the single.

“To be honest, the audience did it,” he explains to Talk Nerdy. “I had no intention of bringing it back. At the time that it came out, people didn’t really like it. They said that it sounded too much like bands from the future, so that’s kind of weird that when I was touring in 2017 [and] 2018, everybody loves that song.”

McClanahan similarly dives deep into the band’s history throughout the talk, detailing his choice to write music instead of chase a career in ice hockey, the injury that sidelined The Victory Drive nearly a decade ago, and returning to the band’s older material after the hiatus.

“Pop The Champagne (Remix)” is from Before I Self Destruct (Deluxe), out now.

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