Whilst visiting Munich for this year’s High End event you may find that you can drag yourself away from all the great audio, hifi and events that The High-End Society have laid on and so Hifi Pig thought we would put Cheers to Munich High End 2013together a list of attractions in Munich that you may like to consider visiting.

In previous years we have found that there is just so much to see at the High End show itself that there has been little or no time for extracurricular activities, other than those based around Munich’s nightlife… and what a great nightlife Munich has and so in this first instalment of “Things To Do In Munich Other Than The High End Show” we thought we’d kick off with a short list of some of the city’s better known drinking establishments – there are of course lots more!.

Most of the beerhalls will offer the thirsty audiophile a selection of beers along with a decent selection of food…which we have found surprisingly good and decent value, though mainly pig based which we of course don’t approve of!.

The main two beers that we have come across in Munich are Helles (pale, malty and quite strong) and Dunkle (rich and dark). You can order a small one or go all out and order a stein which should last all but the most fervent of drinkers at least a short while!

Augustiner Keller

Arnulf str. 52 – 80335 München – Tel. 0 89 594393

Augustiner Am Platzl

Orlando str 5 – 80331 München – Tel. 089 2111356


Sendlinger Str 14 – 80331 München – Tel. 089 2605026


Am Platzl 9 -80331 München – Tel 089 2901360

Zum Augustiner

Neuhauser str. 27 – 80331 München – Tel. 089 23183257

Zum Franzizkaner

Residenz str 9 – 80333 München – Tel  089  2318120

Booze wisely !




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