Titan Audio, who are based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, have announced their new range of mains cables. They have a new dedicated range of both source (low power) and high current cables, each of which is built for purpose.

The new cables will have the existing model names, however will follow a new format. Each model will have a source cable, and a high current cable. the high current versions will carry the name “Signature” for example, Titan will be offering the Nyx and Nyx Signature, Helios and Helios Signature and so on….

Titan Audio, From Belfast Northern Ireland, Launch New Mains Cable Ranges Featuring Patent Pending Forcefield Technology

Titan Audio Helios And Eros

Titan told us: “We ave developed this idea to offer customers both a source and high current cable from each model, which will suit any customer budget. As you move up the range, you will receive a dramatic difference in sound quality, and the cables specifications naturally follow suit. All of our new cables will still have a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, in a world first, our Helios, Helios Signature, Eros and Eros Signature will come with the option of adding our revolutionary Forcefield Technology (Patent Pending) which will bring a new level of protection from RFI & EMI interference. This technology has never been seen before in any industry”.

Forcefield Technology

This new technology offers an invisible shield around the cable, which further reduces negative effects. This technology comes to market after years of research and development, perfecting it to a point where Titan Audio believes it is “a totally game-changing piece of equipment”. The Forcefield technology can be added as an optional extra when purchasing your new cable, or you can add this at a later date, as both Helios and Eros models will come with Forcefield Technology Connectors so you can retrofit these at any time. Titan plans to expand this technology to more of our range in the near future.

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