The World Exclusive Launch of the Titan Audio Helios Interconnect and Speaker Cable will take place at this year’s North West Audio Show.

“With the Helios Speaker and interconnect cables, we really wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible in terms of reducing interference. To this end, the Helios cables are constructed from stranded long grain copper, insulated in PVC. These are then twisted and further coated in a polyester foil which is then protected with a tinned copper braid, which is further sealed again in a PVC extrusion jacket.” say the company, adding “After this process, a 30 micron EMI/RFI adhesive foil shield is wrapped around the cable completely by hand before finally being placed inside a thick outer extrusion which helps the foil reflect EMI/RFI from exterior interference.”

The speaker cable splitter is made from solid acrylic and is CNC machined for a perfect fit. Once fitted to the cable it is filled with their EMI/RFI reflecting gel to prevent the most vulnerable area of the cable from picking up airborne frequency’s. The newly developed Z plugs are also filled with their unique gel. The interconnect RCA cable uses our new crimping locking plugs. The plug uses 2 locking heads, one to crimp the body of the RCA onto the cable for an airtight connection and the second head to lock the body to the input socket. Once the cable is terminated the plug is filled and sealed with their EMI/RFI reflecting gel to fight any airborne interference. Their bespoke locking plugs have been “meticulously designed and are created to Titan Audio’s exacting standards”

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