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The Toronto Audiofest is back for 2021 in ‘Safemode’.

The show takes place from the 22nd-24th of October, at the Westin Hotel at Toronto Airport.

Toronto Audiofest Safemode

Toronto Audiofest Safemode

Sarah Tremblay, the organiser of the Toronto Audiofest told us more about the ‘Safemode’ show: “This is probably my smallest show ever but it has been the one that required the most work and energy.  My goal was not to make the biggest show but just to get the community back together, you know we are all so anxious and excited to meet again. Personally, I believe that it is a great opportunity to spend more time in each room and really appreciate each and every system on demonstration’.


Safety is a priority at the show and is following the general rules that people in Toronto are now very used to. Only fully vaccinated people or people with proof of negative test will be allowed to access the show, wearing mask and physical distancing is mandatory.


The Toronto Audiofest are very pleased to be opening the show up to exhibitors and visitors once again, as they believe that HiFi Show are vital to the health of the industry. Sarah said: “Each and every show around the world represent the only way dealers and manufacturers can meet so many audio enthusiasts face-to-face in one place, people who have come to see, hear, and shop hundreds of brands and products in a festive, quality environment that can’t be found anywhere else, and to share their findings with others”.

Entrance to the show is free, but prior registration is required.


Although HiFi Pig can’t personally be at this show (we will be at the Paris Audio Video Show that weekend) we are very honoured to be a Media Partner with the Toronto show and will be publishing a photo report afterwards.

For links and more info to this and other HiFi Shows and HiFi Events globally, go to our HiFi Diary page now!

HiFi Pig Says: It is fantastic to be posting news of HiFi Shows opening up all around the world, and it is reassuring to read about the precautions that are in place to keep visitors and exhibitors safe. We wish Team Toronto Audiofest a fabulous show!


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