Totaldac, of France, has created its own loudspeaker to demo DACs in the Totaldac auditorium and at Hifi shows. Totaldac say that the speakers “are the result of 20 years of experimentation to give a realistic and natural sound. Now these speakers are also offered to Totaldac customers”

The d150 loudspeakers are high resolution, high efficiency loudspeakers based on a paper cone full range driver whose low mid frequencies only are loaded with a large round horn made of 100mm thick wood. The bass is also a high efficiency paper cone driver. The bass cabinet and the horn are both driven by your external amplifier, without the help of an internal amplifier.

An optional subwoofer can be provided to reinforce the sub bass from 25Hz to 50Hz. It uses an AESPEAKER TD18H+ driver with Apollo upgrade. The shape is tall with a small footprint on the floor. One single subwoofer in mono configuration or two subwoofers in mono or stereo configuration are possible.
No amplifier is embedded in the subwoofer
and the subwoofer filter is already embedded in the d150 loudspeaker.

d150 speaker specification:
-98dB/1W/1m sensitivity.
-40Hz-20KHz frequency bandwidth (25Hz-20KHz with the subwoofer option).
-150Hz crossover frequency making the speaker close to point source.
-860mm diameter wooden horn made of 100mm thick wood.
-15inch bass driver.
-selected drivers allow gentle crossover slope to get the smallest phase shift and allow to use very high quality filter components.
-use of paper cones only and without whizzers for the most natural sound.
-8ohm impedance, 7ohm minimum impedance, to be used with all kind of amplifiers, from small triodes to transistors.
-dimensions: 1.45m high, 0.86m diameter round horn, 0.72m max depth .
-weight: each part is less than 60kg.
-made in France.

d150 subwoofer specification:
-18 inch driver from AESPEAKER -25Hz-50Hz pre-set filter embedded in the d150 speaker.
-use of paper cone.
-8ohm impedance.
-recommended amplifier: 200W and above.
-dimensions: 0.48m wide, 0.29m deep, 1.9m high.
-weight: 65kg.
-made in France.

The system will be on show at the Hifi Deluxe Show which runs alongside High End Munich in May 2017.


d150 speaker, a pair, excl shipping: 38000 euros incl VAT in Europe, 34900 euros excl VAT outside Europe.
Subwoofer for d150 speaker, a piece, excl shipping: 6000 euros incl VAT in Europe, 5500 euros excl VAT outside Europe.



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