Michael Gammon, son of David Gammon who created the British turntable manufacturer, Transcriptors, has released the sad news that they are to cease production of their turntables.

Michael released this quote on the Transcriptors official Twitter account: “Unfortunately, we have come to the decision that our turntables are no longer financially viable in today’s climate and therefore have decided to cease production with immediate effect”.

Transcriptors was founded in 1960 by David Gammon and their now classic models include the Saturn, Skeleton, Round and Transcriber turntables and the Hydraulic Reference (pictured), which famously appeared in the Stanley Kubrick film ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

Michael resurrected turntable production at Transcriptors in 2009. He has stated that they will still provide replacement spares for all of their turntables produced between 1963 and 198, through their online shop.

You can read more from Janine Elliot on the Transcriptors Hydraulic Reference Turntable here.




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