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Transparent Audio has just released its Transparent Generation 6 cables.

The American High End brand says that Transparent Generation 6 also heralds “a new and more comprehensive approach to using different types of advanced materials and more mass to eradicate resonant frequencies both from within and from without the network enclosures”.

Transparent Generation 6 Cables

The Transparent Generation 6 Magnum Opus cable family


The pinnacle of Transparent’s extensive range is the Connoisseur Collection, representing the top four cable tiers – in ascending order: Reference, XL, Opus and Magnum Opus. Although the company’s entire range has benefitted from these new improvements, it is the upper echelons of the Connoisseur Collection in which the leap forward made by Generation 6 is most comprehensively expressed.


Tranparent’s flagship cable is the Magnum Opus. The new G6 measurement metric is far more precise than Transparent were previously were able to achieve in production. This level of exactitude requires considerably more production time.They say that it takes hours to measure, sort, and label each part for each highly customized channel of a pair of Magnum Opus cables, and it takes many more hours to assemble each channel into a finished product that measures perfectly across all parameters.

Transparent Generation 6 Cables

The Transparent Magnum Opus Gen 6 network housing

The Transparent Magnum Opus carbon fibre network housings have not changed, but the design team has gone to greater lengths to eliminate any vibration and resonance. Similar to the best massloaded speaker cabinets, Integrated Flexible Epoxy Resin (IFER) now fills every void. In addition, the Transparent magnum Opus Speaker Cable has a newly configured, stiffer, heavier, more stable, vibration-nulling, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) plinth. A 3/16” carbon fibre plate embedded in a cavity filled with IFER stiffens the base and damps vibrations. This new, stiff, resonant-free platform marries solidly to its epoxy-loaded, carbon-fibre carapace with a thin thermoplastic, sound-damping layer. Fasteners bore deeply into the IFER mass in the carapace at a specific torque setting to solidify the whole construction.


Prices range from a few thousand pounds into the tens of thousands, the Transparent Connoisseur Collection Generation 6 is available in the UK through distributor Absolute Sounds.

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