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French brand Triangle has added the Triangle Borea BRA1 speaker to the range to make the budget Borea a Home Theatre friendly range of speakers.

The Triangle Borea BRA1 speakers now complete the collection with the latest surround sound technology.

Triangle Borea BRA1 Home Theatre Speaker

Triangle Borea BRA1 Home Theatre Speaker


To ensure a consistent sound, the Triangle Borea BRA1 uses the same technologies as the current Borea range including an EFS fabric dome tweeter combined with a natural cellulose paper membrane driver.

Discreet and versatile, the BRA1 speakers can be positioned directly on one of the models of the range or fixed on the back or side walls of your listening room and can add 3D sound to your system.

The BRA1 can be placed on the BR03, BR07, BR08 and BR09 speakers from the Borea range.

Triangle Borea BRA1 Home Theatre Speaker

The Triangle Borea family for Home Theatre


The versatility of the BRA1 speakers is supported by a crossover adjusted according to their use. Placed on top of the main speakers, the BRA1 have a different behaviour than a traditional direct dispersion speaker. It is therefore necessary to compensate for the directivity in order to maintain the entire bandwidth that is altered by the sound wave reflection.

Two types of crossovers are available, a linear one for direct dispersion of horizontal effects, and an upward crossover to compensate for the losses associated with indirect dispersion of vertical effects.

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The 89dB sensitivity Triangle Borea BRA 1 now allows you to create a Home Theatre set-up ranging from 3.1.2 to a classic 5.1.2 set-up right up to the ultimate 9.2.4 set-up in line with professional cinemas.

Triangle Borea BRA1 Home Theatre Speaker

Triangle Borea BRA1 Home Theatre Speaker on wall


The BRA1 speakers, like the rest of the Borea range, are inspired by preceding research and innovations of the Esprit EZ series, including MDF cabinets with internal reinforcements, fabric dome tweeters, floor decoupling and a choice of finishes.


The Triangle Borea BRA1 speakers are available now, in four finishes with a retail price of 399€ per pair.

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