French loudspeaker brand Triangle celebrate their 40th anniversary this year, with the launch of two signature edition loudspeakers.

Triangle Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary

Triangle Antal and Comète are two of the most well-known models of the brand, improved over the years through various innovations and research breakthroughs. Horn-loaded tweeters and small pleat midrange drivers made out of cellulose paper are the key markers of this Anniversary range.

Triangle Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary triangle antal 40th

Triangle Celebrate their 40th Anniversary with new Limited Edition speakers

Triangle Antal 40th

The three-way, 92db sensitivity, Triangle Antal 40th features a new rose gold anodized magnesium dome tweeter, developed exclusively for the two 40th Anniversary models. It is equipped with two bass drivers inspired by the Australe speaker from the Esprit Ez range.

Triangle Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary

The Triangle Antal 40th Anniversary speakers

Triangle Comète 40th

The second anniversary model, the two-way Triangle Comète 40th, is a more compact speaker, incorporates the basics of the Antal 40th. It is equipped with a midrange/bass driver in natural cellulose paper, this time with an engine and suspensions adapted for a wider spectrum of sound. Sensitivity is 90db. It also has a dedicated speaker stand, the S04 40th Anniversary.

Triangle Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary triangle comete 40th

Triangle Comete 40th

Limited Edition

The 40th Anniversary Edition speakers feature high-quality woodwork, with the technical characteristics of the brand’s high end models Signature and Magellan.

Triangle Celebrate Their 40th Anniversary

Triangle Comete 40th in Matt Blond Sycamore

The high-density cabinet has optimised internal reinforcements and the speakers are available in wo new shades of wood, Santos rosewood gloss finish and matt blond Sycamore.  A subtle rose gold anodization of the speaker’s ornamental trims completes this limited edition.


Triangle Antal 40th – 3000€ per pair

Triangle Comete – 1500€ per pair

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