The guys at Triangle, who we recently paid a visit to in Bordeaux, sent us details of their latest triangleEZrangeloudspeaker range, the ESPRIT EZ Series.

Triangle say that the new EZ series is a celebration of the 20th anniversary of their Esprit range.

They add that the Esprit Ez Series is a lively and dynamic loudspeaker that draws the listener into the musical experience.

The design is sleek and modern and available in a number of finishes with the drivers being highlighted by aluminium trims and with no visible screws. The whole speaker sits on a glass pedestal that has adjustable spikes and I imagine they’d look great in most homes.

The speakers feature a new mid range driver constructed from natural cellulose that reduces weight and increases rigidity. The diameter of the midrange has also been increased to give a smoother transition between the tweeter and the woofer.

The tweeter will be familiar to those who know Triangle loudspeakers as it’s a moulded horn with phase plug. It combines a titanium dome with a compression chamber and is of high efficiency.

There are 4 speakers in the range: the Voce EZ central speaker, Titus EZ (from €350) two way bookshelf,  GAIA EZ floorstander and the top of the range Antal EZ (from €1000) floorstander. Prices are dependent on finish but it seems you get a lot of speaker for your money!

We currently have a pair of Triangle’s Signature Alpha loudspeakers in for review so watch this space for our thoughts!

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