This summer, the French manufacturer of speakers, TRIANGLE, completes its range of custom integration speakers, SECRET, with a new product: the EXT7 speaker.

Entirely suitable for even tropical conditions and certified IP66, the EXT7 can hold off extreme temperatures and is weather resistant (rain, water splash, high level of humidity).

The EXT7 will easily pair with any type of amplifier and a mounting bracket is included, allowing to position the speaker horizontally or vertically, to adapt to their surroundings. This bracket allows to turn the speaker 180 degrees so it can face the audience directly. 

Big scale installation projects have not been neglected: TRIANGLE offers you the possibility to add an optional 100V transformer to daisy-chain the speakers (which is needed if you want to install more than 4 speakers).

The treble is produced by a 25mm aluminum dome tweeter optimized by a phase plug. From an acoustic view point, the French manufacturer has opted for a two-way configuration in a closed cabinet, with a polypropylene midrange/bass driver perfectly adapted to the varied weather.

PRICE : 529€ by pair


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