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French loudspeaker manufacturer, Triangle has updated its range of Thetis subwoofers with two new models the Triangle Thetis 340 and Triangle Thetis 300.

These compact subwoofers are designed to be versatile and can be used as part of a home theatre set-up or as a complement to a stereo system.

Triangle Thetis 300 And 340 Subwoofers

Triangle Thetis 300 And 340 Subwoofers


Featuring 25cm (Thetis 340) and 20cm (Thetis 300) downward-facing drivers, the subwoofers operate using a bass-reflex principle, extending their bandwidths even at low volume. They have a laminar port designed to reduce airflow noise.

The transducers use composite membranes made of cellulose and carbon, for high rigidity. The subs are equipped with the latest generation of Class-D amplifiers, the Thetis 340 and 300 respectively have a power of 250W/150W RMS, with a 400W/250W peak power.


The new Triangle subwoofers include a direct LFE input for home theatre set-ups, the settings will then be made from your dedicated amplifier. They also feature standard RCA inputs for HiFi set-ups and high-level inputs for amplifiers with no suitable output.

Triangle Thetis 300 And 340 Subwoofers

Triangle Thetis 300 subwoofer rear view

You can manually adjust the volume, the phase, and the frequency roll-off to integrate with your main speakers. The Thetis subwoofers include a remote control for volume and standby. An LED display on the front panel provides visibility of the sound setting. To save energy, an automatic standby is enabled after 20 minutes if there is no signal. As soon as a new signal is received, the subwoofer is automatically reactivated.


The Thetis 340 & 300 subwoofers are now available in three finishes: High Gloss Black, High Gloss White and Black Ash. Price from 749€ for the 340 and from 599€ for the 300 depending on finish. Triangle is distributed in the UK by SCV.

HiFi Pig Says: Versatility seems to be the key with these new subs, with Triangle realising that a sub is likely to be used for double-duties in the HiFi and Home Cinema home entertainment hub.

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