Triple M Audio got in touch to tell us about their special Cyber Monday deal on their icOn Preamp.

Janine Elliot, Hifi Pig reviewer, ex BBC sound engineer and professional musician, who has the ability to play 25 instruments, reviewed the icOn TVC preamplifier and compared it to her 4 times more expensive, “world’s best” preamp listening to her own compositions.

Her conclusion was: “…this is an exceptionally well thought out and clever unit for those wanting the clarity and purity of passive but with additional features turning the technology truly into the 21st century… In terms of features and originality, it is in many ways an outstanding product and well worthy of your attention.”

Read the full review here.

Triple M Audio are offering £300 off from the Octet and £200 from the Quartet model’s current prices.
icOn Octet  from £1,999   to £1.699. 
icOn Quartet from £1,499 to £1,299




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